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Speaking of calendar...I think saucy Boxcar Betty would make an excellent centerfold ;)!! #2, heeeee!

Yum, yum. Goooood quality goat ear wax--with a dusting of dirt and a sprinkle of gnat.

I wonder what a goaxter would look like!

Cute cute cute!

So sweet and adorable. Betty does look a bit perturbed though.

Soooo sweet, not sure Betty is REALLY enjoying this!

Great shots!!!!!

This is so adorable!!

AAAAAWWWWWW, how sweet is that??!! I love it when two species become good buddies! They are just cute as can be. And it's so cool that Baaaad Betty is not afraid of him! I wish we knew what they were thinking.....hehe....
Thanks for sharing this precious "love story". Isn't nature wonderful??!!

Oh my goodness! That is so adorable! Thanks for posting those!

That is SO cute!

Isn't wonderful to see! :)

Ha! Thanks for the smile!

Perhaps she has been dabbing a little bit of vanilla behind her ears?

How sweet!!

awwwww, that's sweet!

Awwww my Betty is in Love :o) She really is *bad* now :P

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