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I'll bet you had fun coloring this wonderful image. What a lovely job you did too. The red patterned paper with the black matting looks great. Love the blue button too.

Love your sweet Gardening Angel card!! And Your talking about being a little crazy with a full moon? What is it? You mix a little wine with your Chocolate or what? Then you might get a little crazy. (Could be the chocolate) Add more wine! Your so funny, and very talented. Enjoy the rain....

Ah Laurie's Garden Angel is pretty cute. I really can tell when there is a full moon by the behavor (or lack of!) on the bus. LOL. hugs....

Ya sure, you becha! You cant be to careful with dem full moons. I've been frightened by a couple of them in da last couple a weeks! I gotta go down to Shopco and buy Ma a new bath robe........ Love, Dad PS I figure it could be a frosty spring here in the woods, we're having trouble with the fridge... Oh, nice card!

Too funny! My sister is a big believer in that full moon craziness. I find it hard to believe that you would be too bad! Really sweet card. Hugs.

Wearwolves of Texas or what? You're too cute Anna ♥

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