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Don King...eat your heart out!

phillis diller called and she wants her feathers back ;0)

I've got to quit eating those dandelion puffs for breakfast!

Who stole my powder puff!!

They call me The Trendsetter. Eat your heart out Jennifer Aniston.

Hey - you told me the power was OFF!

Officer, I have NOT been drinking! I'm just a little off-center this morning.

I'm just not a morning person.

WOW! What a night!

Am I having a bad hair day?


Too funny - someone already suggested "In my Easter Bonnet". Happy Monday & thanks for the chuckle.

That's the last time I'm trying a new Hair Volumizer!

"Got any toilets to clean? I'm your bird."

(No caption here, but oh, no! Is his beak broken?)

Does my hair make my head look big?

AAAAAACCCCKKK!! Momma always told me to RUN if I saw the stylist coming with her scissors and BOWL!!!! Hee, Hee!! Toooooooo cute Anna!!

I can't type what I thought when I saw this! About fell off my chair!


Princess Eugene has nothing on me!

I knew I should of used some hair conditioner.

Mama said there'd be days like this...

twins? did you say i was having twins???!!!!

A Don King kind of hair day!


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!

I asked for a PERM! Where are my curls?

Yes, Duchess Kate does have this fascinator, also but in a different color.


just a little fluff on top, please !

Disco night in the coop got a little out of hand.

What are you looking at!

Has anyone seen my "Kabuki Brush?"!!!!!!

I don't do mornings!

My eyes! My eyes! Where are my eyes?

"Come on, ya'll. Let's all sing together now. 'Every chick's beautiful in their own way.'"

OMG! Is this basketball tournament over yet?

Just washed my hair (feathers) and can't do a thing with it!

What are you bawking about? I'm the one who looks like a dandelion head.

Hey Phillis Diller!!

I thought you said the electricity was turned OFF!

Don't you dare....

Bad hair day!

Okay, this is NOT how the style looked on the beauty parlor poster!

Why yes, I AM THER QUEEN !

"What are YOU lookin' at?"

'Poof the Majic Drygon'

They're going to have to build the chicken coop doors wider!,

"Maybe the leave-in-conditioner will work better with my fly-aways".... ♥

I need a new hair dresser!

I had it done for the Hunger Games. I was channeling Effie.

"In my Easter bonnet......." you gotta sing it!

I dont understand? Why is my name Dandilion?

Someone just rang my bell!
Like my new afro?

I don't think the "Bowl Cut" is doing it for me. What chu think?

"I thought I'd go blonde for the summer, what do you thnk?"

Company, are you kidding me?

Oh dear goodness, that is SO cute! Which chick is this??? Your menagerie amazes me, especially the unique chickens and fowl!!! :D
Have a great weekend, so glad the storms are past!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity any girl who isn't me tonight!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful one of all?

Which chicken is this of yours, I mean the type, Anna? Very cute!

Do you think I used too much hairspray?

I simply must find a new hairdresser.

"I told you so..."

Whaaaaat!!! You've never seen an Easter bonnet before? Realllly!!!

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