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Well look at you! What an improvement in "water" type conditions over last year. Aren't you forgetting a couple of different types of beans, though? Seemed like there was something purple planted last year. Here's wishing you luck again for this year's garden. It's got to fair better than last year's!!!

Aren't you the industrious gal! Wish we could start something here, today it's blowing like a tornado & cold. Hopefully we will get some rain to make it a little more tolerable. Hope your weather cooperates better this year for you! Hugs.

I know, you're forgetting to post the lay-out of your garden :) we're spoiled for that you know!!

Sounds wonderful! I hope your garden does well this year. It was very disappointing last year to not see all the goodies you'd grown. It's too early here for a garden but I don't even have the seedlings start, so it doesn't matter. I'm so bad!

Patty pan squash, right? Make sure you have some "rain dance" days scheduled for this year.

Eggplant, the Broccoli,Cauliflower may be good to experiment with in November? Oh my god! what I wouldn't do for a week or so with those temps sans the rain. It would dry out the permafrost in the driveway. As Red Green would say, "We're all in this together, I'm pullin for ya" But here I lean toward "keep your stick on the ice" it seems more suited to the locality....Love, Dad

I'm utterly envious of you that you can work in the garden already. I spent this afternoon wading around in snow and slush. Keep the garden updates coming. I'm happy for your rain after your horribly hot and dry summer last year.


YEAH :) Rain, blessed, rain! Let us hope this trend keeps up so you do not have another summer like the last one. :( We are pretty anxious to get in the garden. Even with the warmer than normal temps it probably is not a good idea to plant too early. Soon we can put in the peas and potatoes. Mmmm. Hugs....

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