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Wow, what a beautiful sunset for a beautiful couple, for their anniversary! I hope your anniversary was a pleasant one!! You all are six year ahead of me and my hubby...so not too far off! You should celebrate joining together to produce such a wonderful child, a.k.a. Anna!!! We all love and adore her. She's one in a million! And a lot of that is because what great folks you two parents are!!! :D I hope the coming year brings joy, good health, and lots of sewing and fly fishing!!! I wish you the best always! :-)

Happy belated anniversary to a great couple and a great set of parents to our beloved Anna! May your coming years be as beautiful as that sunset in the photos!

Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Wight!!!
Beautiful sunset photo's, Anna, TFS! Sounds like the garden is off to a great start!!

Congratulations to the Newport Wights on they're 41 years of wedded bliss. We send our best wishes for another 41 happy years!

Oops caught my typo. It will be 35 years. So it should be 5 not 3 !!! Plus one week ;)

Happy Happy 40th Anniversary Ma & Pa Wight. You have 3 years on DH and Myself.:) Congratulations. Hugs for you both.
Anna, beautiful sunset. Looks like you are getting awetter spring than last year. Hope the trend continues. Unfortunatley we are under a burn ban already! jeez.

Beautiful, breathtaking shots. Edna

Well, shucks! My math was off by 1. Figures... I never was very good at math!

Cluck, cluck!

Even tho the number is off a bit, 41 you are still lagitimate......I hope. I'll check your warantee card. Ma went to bed early and I have a cold and so dont want to contaminate the cat(she sleeps on my side of the bed) Tippy sounds pitiful with the sniffles. We got 3 inches of snow this morning. Happy first day of Spring everyone!
This reminds of an old Merle Hagard song. "If we make it through December" I got plans to be in a warmer town come summer time. Phillipsburg Montana. We'll celebrate when the frost is off my pumpkin..... Love, Dad

Happy Anniversary Dan and Lori! May you have HEALTH this year!

So good to know the storm passed now and you are safe and sound. Hope you got a good amount of rain to sustain the new garden.

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