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Precious little calves! Thank you for the wonderful photos. Spring is wonderful, isn't it?!


I am SO confused! I thought I knew the names of the cows pretty well, but now I am baffled! Who cares??! Cute calves! Yay!

Congratulations on the latest addition :)

I so miss living on a farm at this time of the year when these wee ones start popping into our world. Enjoy!

They are just so cute, I couldn't raise them and let them go!

My beloved Grandfather raised White-Faced Herefords. I miss seeing the calving this time of year. He had 5 granddaughters and every year, we'd each get a calf and when it was sold, we'd get the money to put in our college fund.

YAY! Way to go, Pixie! We love heifers. :D Since you have a Dixie and a Pixie, I think this one should be Trixie! :D

Awwww how tweet!!!!!

Gosh it seems like yesterday that Pixie and Pixie Dust were wee ones! Boy how times flies! The little gal is so cute!

I LOVE her. Please send me the new baby as soon as she's ready to travel. Mmmkay? Thanks. ;)

Too cute. But I didn't think that female cows had horns? Or is that just some Texas thing? HeHe! Enjoy your babies. Robin

So sweet! I guess most moms-to-be can be pretty stubborn. Glad all went well. Hugs to all.

Manetta is the sweetest calf! I am sure she will be a good fru=iend to the newest addition. Hugs...

Congratulations! The situation with the cow is probably a good idea. Rigging a drag to keep her in the pasture is a good way to loose a couple hundred feet of fence if it isn't bomb proof! Nice looking calf too. Naturally hornless? Got snow? We do and it's getting old....Love Dad

Awww, love them sweet baby faces!

Ohh Anna, they are SOOoooo cute, I could just eat them up ! Ooops, that doesn't sound very good does it? I especially love their huge, wet noses ~ so kissable! Geesh between baby cows and baby chicks, you must be in Heaven :)

Congrats! We purchased some dexters last summer & are looking forward to new arrivals in April! This is all new to me, so very exciting!

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