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Do you moonlight as an architect? Talk about organized and thoroughly planned out! I'm wishing for lots of rain for you so that your garden will thrive this season. Looking forward to seeing photos when it's growing.

Ooh, that's a beauty! Happy planting!

May everything grow and bloom and be fruitful and multiply for you! Hope the tornados were nowhere near you.

Anna, I wish you wonderful weather for your beautiful garden. I love watching yours evolve as I cannot grow one here, there are too many walnut trees.

Anna - thinking of you and the garden this year in hopes that last year's drought won't rear it's ugly head again! My boys and I will be planting a wee little garden here in CO...it's always fun to watch everything grow...we won't begin planting until late April, first of May due to late spring snow. Good luck!

Your garden plans are fantastic! Now all we can hope for is enough rain to sustain its growth! No one wants a repeat of last year, bleah! I'm hoping you will have a bumper crop this year! :D

So far it looks like a good wet spring. A nice way to start the garden. Will keep our fingers crossed that things do not get anywhere near as dry and hot as last summer. I see Dill :) Did you finally get it to grow? Happy gardening. Hugs...

Plan looks great. And your are such a hardworker! :) We are getting rain today, which we richly deserve after enduring over a week of 75-80 plus temperatures. Lots of trees are blooming or budding. Forsythia, quince, and daffodils are in full bloom. I guess I am going to have to accept that we are not going to have a winter here. Wishing you rain!

Rain showers here and grey and was thinking about you wondering how you are fairing on getting some rain yourself? Got my fingers crossed for you this year after following the beginnings of that gorgeous garden last year, and then the melt-down!

First, Jealous of your space, your weather (good luck with that this year!). Our house opens onto a a wilderness refuge so no garden for us -- we'd have to give up the deer, fox, ground hog, rabbits and the occasional raccoon or possum visitor (which I think is misspelled, but it's what my computer forced me to use! I'm caving to technology!).

Somehow the rabbits and squirrels survive with the fox -- weird!

Second, I'm sending this to my friend in Italy who has her own chickens and garden!

Hope the warm months treat your veggies and flowers better then last year. Here's to an abundance of goodies!!

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