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Very well said.

Those are most interesting chickens. I've never seen ones like that before.
Oh and I must say I adored seeing Baaaad Boxcar Betty in your posts this week.

Danielle, Once upon a time when in Oregon and on vacation trips Anna would take a fake stuffed chicken along on trips and they would take turns or have people take pictures of them with the pretty white chicken. this became such a hit that other folks along the way wanted to have their picture taken with that chicken as well!
Imagine the look on the faces in an oncoming car at the sight of a chicken on the dashboard of a car coming at you! Gnarly I tell you, Yup gnarly!...... If I'm liein' I'm diein'............. Dad

Man, that rooster is a total hunk!

It has been so many years since I had chickens. I adore seeing photos of flock. Really all your critter photos make me smile. Thanks.

Hey Miss Anna ~ First of all, THANKS to your Dad for my anatomy lesson in chickens and choking! That one made me choke from swallowing my spit the wrong way!!! haaa!

I adore your upclose & personal views of these crazy looking critters, but of course you know I have to ask how is my gal, Betty! Ohhh and what about that baldy himself, Tiny Tim! Haven't heard much about him lately so I hope he is staying warm and hopefully, over his male-pattern-baldness :D

Your dad is too funny! I really got a chuckle at his comment! They are all beautiful! Some day, I'm gonna have a chicken. I don't think my husband will actually be surprised...

Dont let the coyotes get that rooster! A docile rooster with a long neck and that honey badger color is a keeper.(breeding stock) The older they get the longer the hackles get (more long feathers = more dry flies per feather) and money in your pocket. Not that Dad wants to choke your chicken,just saying that his offspring rooster chicks have a great chance of being $50.00 roosters thanks to some hair fashion designers driving the prices up,and that aint just pocket change! The fad of using expensive dry fly hackles in the hair of models is killin' us fly tiers. It better not last! It's a lovely day in the neighborhood! Love, Dad

Your hens and rooster are beautiful animals, gorgeous! Thanks Anna. I use to call my hens "the dixie chicks" ..LOL

Julie, ps... Olive's eggs sound really unique...

All your barnyard beauties look so well loved and cared for and it really shows, Anna. It brings out wonderful personalities in them too and sounds like "life on the farm is kinda laid back". Ain't nuthin' better than bein' a country girl:)I mean, I still enjoy my leopard print bootlets and jacket with the red hood, but I can totally appreciate and love "fresh" country air in co-existence!!:) YeeHaw and cluck,cluck there and moo, moo here

Admiral is one HANDSOME rooster! Good thing he is sweet. So many roosters get a bit *Cocky* !!!! Have a super Saturday, hugs...

So cute!!! And the Admiral is just stunning! I want chicks :))

Have a nice weekend!

Hugs from Desirée in north Norway :)

Are you sure Fancy isn't a velociraptor? She's got that look in her eye...

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