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First time I have "met" Tiny Tim and he is adorable! Love his curly coat.Is he as sweet as he looks?

Oh how fun to see Tiny Tim again. Those feathers are just delightful and so different.

I just LOVE Tiny Tim. He's the cutest rooster in the whole world, me thinks! His hair reminds me of my own fuzzy perm as a child. My Mom thought it would be an excellent idea to take her red-headed daughter for a haircut and perm after seeing "Annie" at the movie theater. I am slowly letting go of the grudge about 30 years later, heeeee!

Thanks for the update on Tiny Tim. So glad he is having a nice warm winter. Beautiful curls!

I know males shouldn't be dubbed "precious," but he really is. So glad he is still alive and well! Thanks for the adorable photo of our favorite little guy.

Oh, Tiny Tim looks wonderful! I'm so happy he didn't need his coat this winter. :D Thank goodness for warm hens, huh??!! Too cute. You are such a good Momma! Thanks for sharing Tiny Tim's photo to us. I'm so happy he is doing well! He surely is HANDSOME!!

He is just beautiful.

Oh My Goodness, look at those ringlet curls. I laughed at Dad's mention of Gen. Custer (but do see the resemblence!) Good too see Tiny Tim so well feather and obviously happy. :) Hugs...

Anna - Tiny Tim is a very handsome fellow. Thank you for the update as I look forward to hearing how the farm animals are doing. Keep those updates coming!!

Adorable he is! Seriously? You could place him between two other birds and they all stayed there? :)

What a lovely chap he is - frizzy feathers and all ;)
Thanks for the update! Rx

WoW, He is lookin'good! very magestic, after a second I realized I have seen that look before....Last week I watched a program on Yellow Hair and his tremendous ego. Yah, the spitting image of George Armstrong Custer. Those long curly locks and that imperious gaze off into the distance. Please, Mr. Custer, I dont wanna go!........Ya, that's a little over the top, but he's sure looking fine...Love, Dad

He is adorable, Anna! And no doubt has outgrown his little felt coat, anyway!! He looks very dignified! XOXO

Oh, thank you for this! I was so afraid he had died and you didn't want to say anything, and then I didn't want to say anything. Boy, he sure looks great!

He's beautiful....

ACK! *Bad Better* = Bad Betty :) Sorry.

He looks very handsome all grown up!

Hi Anna ~ so glad to hear Tim is doing well and staying warm! He looks as if he's grown a bit and filled-out...not nearly as bald as he once was :) Just keep him away from Bad Better, cause you know she'll nibble on those frizzled feathers as a snack.

My oh my, what a handsome fella Tiny Tim turned out to be. He takes a fabulous portrait and my family and I are impressed at how well he plumed out. He looks rather dapper, doesn't he?

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