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Thanks for giving us a farm fix. It looks like all your animals are doing well. Good to see Prince Albert grown, and of course it's always fun to see the naughty goats (correction: one naughty goat and one nice goat). The hen is gorgeous!


Albert needs me to come and kiss him on his nose. Send him up here for the winter. I have plenty of grass in my yard. :)

Walnut's a little beauty!

Sending you a photo from Costa Rica! Check your email. I could just squeeze Albert! He's so cute!

Thanks for the sweet pics - I've missed what they are all up to. But, you must be in trouble going out without treats! Happy Weekend.

Awwww, look at all them sweet faces!

Ahhh, loving the animal pics. They all photograph real good! Hugs to all...

Thanks for the critter pictures, I needed a dose of chicken, ha, ha.I really miss my flock of hens, and Walnut is beautiful!

I love you Anna. No seriously, I love you. You are an angel here on earth. Taking care of all of the creatures that come into your life and loving everything about it. Thank you for being so wonderful to these very lucky animals. I sincerely appreciate all you do. Love your blog and read every day. Sorry I don't have time to post a comment on every post you share but just know that I'm here and anxiously waiting to see what's next. Great big huge hugs to you and Alan!!

Such cute animals! Thanks for sharing moments with us; your photographic skills are amazing.

Love your critter pictures. They do all look like they are waiting for a treat for posing real pretty.

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