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Cause of her lash...Maybeline...
Cute for girl!

Sweetie Pie! So cute.

I know the perfect name: Michele's Calf. Now, how to get her here. . .

I noticed you have a Melaleuca link over on your page, are you a marketing executive?

I love her warm creamy chocolate color so why not Hershee

I like Lovey! She was born on the day we celebrate love. What an adorable face! Hugs, Robin

cupido, italian for cupid....
she is a real cutie!!
i love your blog!

Oh how I adore all of your farm photos! This baby girl is SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing... I would name her Sweetheart since her birthday is Valentines day. Or... you could name her Valentine! Whatever, she is precious! Enjoy her and extra alfalfa for Pixie Dust for bringing such a beauty into the world!

How about BonBon? She's that beautiful chocolate color and isn't that what everybody wants for Valentine's Day?

I have two. Cocoa because of her coloring, and Bella which means beautiful in Italian, because she is. I just love every animal on this planet!!

I like Flutter....kinda like her eyelashes do, and kinda like the flutter of your heart when you're in love!

She is beautiful. How about something simple like Val Gal

How about Coco? She is gorgeous. Congrats!

Valentina Heartstrings...because this adorable little thing sure pulls at mine.

Oh so cute! Poof. Ok, I have kids and I'm a Fairly Odd Parents fan...the fairy baby is called Poof. Hehe! Have fun with the new baby Anna!

She's so pretty!!! My daughter suggests Jewel.

She is beautiful ... I would name her "ruffles". Gotta love those curls.

How about Lovie?

Congratulations on the new addition to the farm! She is beautiful! Love the thick curly fur! Name? Hmmmmm? Pixie Sticks?


Oh, Anna~~she's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful Valentine gift for you and Alan!
There have been lots of good suggestions for names, and I know you will choose the perfect one, as you always do!
Hugs to all the bovine critters! :D and Congrats on the new heifer! Hurray for girls!

I look at her and all I can think of is "cupcake". Can't tell you why...she just is. congrats to you all. she is so precious! makes you just want to cuddle her (if Mom would let you ;)

How about Kewpie, as in Kewpie doll? And the 'kew' kind of sounds like cupid? Anyway...she's just as adorable as can be!

YAY! It's a girl! She is just beautiful, too. As for names there have been some good ones already suggested, but I have a few to add. Someone already said "Dustdini", but I was thinking "Dini-dust". I also thought in honor of Valentine's Day how about "Amore"(a-more-ay) or "Love Bug". If you want the magic theme, she could be "Fairy Dust". Or the chocolate theme with "Pixie's Kiss" or "Cocoa Puff". Gee, this is fun! I guess I better stop and give someone else a chance to comment, too. LOL

She may be the most beautiful calf ever! Love those eye lashes. (Wish mine where longer.) My son got them, how unfair! She got her Daddies color, too. I remember how adorable he was. I can't think of anything that has not be suggested. Have fun nameing her. Valentine Hugs...

Lovey is my choice! I am delighted to see someone else suggested it too :)

I think Dusty Rose Valentine would be a great name for her! She is so cute! I also suggest Cutie Pie but not sure that one works as well. :)

I think she's Pixie Perfect! What a lovely Valentine's present! I want to pat her.

She is so cute :) How about "Lovey"?

I think, Primrose, and call her Rosie!! I love that she was born on Valentine's day - what a love gift! XOXO

Happy Valentines to you and your cute little family on the farm.... Congratulations on your new arrival today. :))) take care,Peggie

What about Chock-Au-Lot? It sounds a bit Frenchie. You have to say it like the French do.LOL!!!! She is a beautiful doll!
Jeanette Duke

how about Heartsong? she is abeauty ...I alos second Diana's suggestion.

I also like Valentina. She could be called 'Little Val' until she grows into her name. She's super cute!

She is a cutie. I agree Houdin's Magical Pixie Dust is a great name!


What about Dove..she looks like milk chocolate...

How sweet! She looks like a Vali-girl to me.

I think Valentine or Cupid are both great choices. But Valentine seems more like a female name to me.

Congrats to Pixie Dust on an adorable little girl. Yay, a heifer! I notice she is on some nice green grass. Better for her. Not so great for your snow needs. She sure is adorable. :)

She's adorable! I'd call her Lovie.

Happy Valentine's Day!

One more suggestion - Harriette
(famale name, Harry Houdini). Apparently I'm giving this much thought today.

What a sweet baby - was thinking Juliette (my mind went to Romeo and Juliette, star crossed lovers :O)

I love the suggestion of Magic (from a previous commenter)... as a product of Houdini and Pixie Dust.. I think that is perfect. Congrats on your little love baby!

She is beautiful!

Happy Valentines Day Anna! Valentina is very pretty.......or Freya is the goddess of Love.........fitting for a Valentine's Baby!

Have a great day,


Sorry, not 'the' Valentini, just Valentini.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

What a sweet little calf! How about the Valentini?

Oh my word! How precious is she?!?!! That's what I would call her, PRECIOUS. :-)

Let me call you SWEETHEART! :-)

I also was reminded of chocolate. Cocoa? I also like someone elses recommendation of godiva. She is too cute!

I don't have a name suggestion but just wanted to comment on how cute she is. Congrats and Happy Valentine's Day to you, Alan and all the critters.

I love her coloring... It reminds me of chocolate. What about Chocolate Kiss?

Moon Pie

How about Magic, when you combine Pixie Dust and Houdini, you get a little magic..She is beautiful and I bet so soft. Happy Valentines Day Anna to you and Alan.

a little of both, Dustdini :-)


what about VALENTINA..?

Ooooo, I have to agree with your Dad...Buttercup would sure be cute!


Valentina or maybe Pixinia :-)

Godiva? She's a sweet Valentine chocolate!

Buttercup, The first flower of spring here at home in Washington is the Buttercup. Shirley would be good too! In another day she'll be clean as a whistle too! ... Love, Dad

Valentina is my choice.

How about Chocolate Mousse....cause Chocolate Mousse isn't really Moose, and neither is this little baby.
So darling...

Not sure...how about cutie patootie!!!!!! Adorable!!! :-) ~Karen Sue

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