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Little MV is absolutely precious! She really needs a hug (although she probably wouldn't stand still long enough to get one). Naughty, naughty cows! Have you figured out how they're getting out? All you need is jumping cows! >:0

Beautiful baby!

I had NO idea cows could/would jump fences. I suppose if one can jump over the moon a fence should pose no issue. :) I'm completely chortling to myself this morning imagining lumbering cows jumping over fences. The imagery is definitely tickling me this morning. :O

Oh dear - now it's going to be REALLY hard not to greet Manetta with "Hi Buggarbutt!" the next time I run into her around town ;) Such a cutie, I am sure you'll have lots of great stories of her adventures.

Naughty, Naughty gals, Thelma & Louise--er Lucy and Darcy. I am personally in "shock" that March starts next week.

I just LOVE your new baby, Anna!! That face is adorable, and I thoroughly enjoy the photos of her out exploring.

You may want to use your raccoon-cam on those felons and figure out what they're up to - but if it's jumping, uh-oh! What could you possibly do about that?!

I love that they come at the shake of a bucket - I'm sure it's because you treat them like family and not just farm animals. I was at my daughter's school the other day and a call came from one of the farm moms - coming to get the kids to help, cows are out!!

Thanks for sharing so much of your life on the farm - we town people like to live vicariously through you :)

Anna, congrats on the new life on your homestead. Baby animals are always so cute but then they grow up into adults and become exciting adventures in our lives just like the fence climbers, just like Lucy and Darcy. Life would be a lot duller if were not for the animal experiences that they put into our lives. I hope that you find out how they are getting out because chasing cows around the homestead can be quite annoying. Animals decide to get out at the most inconvenient times.

Spring is my favorite time when all life animal and plant springs to life. The Tulips and Daffodils are peeking up through the ground here so Spring is not far away. We really haven't had a winter here except for the first two weeks of February. I think the ground is probably already thawed out and the little skiff snows melt off in a day or two without any help. It's so difficult to not go out and start digging in the garden. That really shouldn't happen here in Nebraska until the middle of March or even the first part of April. Maybe I'll start a little earlier this year. If I don't I just might explode.

Have a great day.

Beautiful name for a beautiful calf. Your dad cracks me up with his comments. Glad you are feeling better and hope you get lots done this weekend.

It would seem that if Manetta is gonna go into the pocket beef business I feel that she better get a moooooooove on! This is the time of year when the grass is green and the butterfat content is high. She will not fit in a flat rate box much longer if you get my drift......in fact overnite express would be the best method. Storks just take to much time this time of year, to much turbulance in Southern plains.Good luck with all the bubble wrap......... Love, Dad

Baby cow Manetta's Valentine is SOOOO adorable. I actually think I saw her trying to smile in that last photo!! ♥

OMG -- could I get her to Oregon? She is adorable and I don't think it is because I am prejudice in ANY way!!! I have already started working on the father. Could we bring a cute adorable cow into our family? Why not......... now for the distance issue.. pondering, pondering.........
Thank you so much for the naming honor!! Hugs to you and Alan and the critters!
Love, Me

She is so cute! I love the shade of brown she is. It looks like a nice day to romp and play. If Manetta doesn't want her, maybe I could get her for our porch since we don't have a yard:) I wish I could have her.

OH My GOodnes Manetta's Valentine is the MOST ADORABLE calf ever!!!!
With Monday off this was a short week. I am with you, we need to put a stop on time so I can catch up and catch my breath!
Enjoy the weekend. Praying for warm sun to melt the late season snow we got last night. Almost 5 inches.

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