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Jealous of my digs? If you're not, you should be.

I'm ready for bed. Can you turn the lights out, please.

This pic is just priceless!! How about...."I am not the dog you're looking for" (think Star Wars~Obi Wan~)

Ooohh and another, this one is WWE themed...John Cena~~ You don't "C" me!

OMG!!!! looks like my two, they love their covers, and I hear "no mom it can't be time to get up" LOL great picture...

Is that my double tall skinny vanilla latte? No, well, I'll just stay snuggled here until it is...

Is that my double tall skinny vanilla latte? No, well, I'll just stay snuggled here until it is.

(Knowing how you like to stamp . . . ) "I can't take all of the glitter!"

I don't care what Phil says, I'm not coming out until spring!

Can you hear me now?.....No?...... good, I tooted. Ha Ha Ha.....Love, Dad

If I can't see you, you can't see me right?


Indognito....I'm not here and even if I was here, you couldn't see me.

Paws for a moment and take a load off!

Some days you just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head!

10 more minutes...I promise I'll get up if you'll just let me sleep 10 more minutes.

Go away, I'm not ready to get up.

Ah! Six more weeks to hibernate.

Not comin' out - no way, no how!

Ahh this is the life the only thing that could make this any better is a belly rub.

10 more minutes....Pleeeze

Monday? argh It's cold. I don't wanna get up! Light bright. Coffee...now...strong...black...hot...

"Ah, a nice morning stretch....(I better "paws" for effect!)."

Baby it's cold outside......

"Fragile ~ Handle With Care!" XOXO

I don't feel good mommny!!

Could somebody turn up the heat, please?!

Mama said there'd be days like this....

Please release me, let me go. I won't do it again...

It wasn't me I promise , The chickens did it.
You believe don't YOU.

You wish you were a dog, huh?

Tell me when its spring, it's cooooooold out there.

One too many margaritas :P

Mom, PLEASE tell me it's a snow day!

98, 99, 100 Ready or not here I come!

I smell a rat!!

Peek a boo I see you.

Let me out! I can't breathe!

"I knew I shouldn't have rooted for the Patriots."

I'm not over-acting...I used to be an abandoned pup. My people love cute stuff!
And the Oscar goes to: Miss Twiggy!

Turn out the light already, can't you see I am trying to sleep?


This is adorable .. first quote that comes to mind, (same as Julie's): Snug As A Bug :)
When we go to bed, our Boston Terrier sleeps under the blankets with us (thank goodness for King-size beds ! LOL)....at that time we say "Are you coming to snug-bug now?" and he comes running to claim his spot in our bed :)

Polar Tech, a doggies best friend....

"I'm not comin' out!" (said with a pout)
Too cute; Anna I love your blog! Makes me remember my summers when I was child and stayed with my grandparents on their farm. Thanks for everything you post...I enjoy it all.

I'm sorry, mom, I won't do it again....

Paaaleease! It can't be Monday morning already!


Is it safe to come out yet?

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Can you see me now!!!!!!!!

Wake me in July, oh and bring treats!

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