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LOL, at first glance I thought it was a reindeer or moose with crazy hair. :) White buttons for eyes, black doohickeys for a nose, and stitching for a smiling mouth.

sooooo funny...it does look like a freaked out moose!

Ha ha, your dad's right. It does look like a moose!

Love your dad's comment - that is priceless!

OMG I laughed and laughed after reading this post. I can totally see the Moose from your dad's point of view. How funny and what a great memory.

OMGosh, that is SO funny! I love the moose portrayal, it's right as rain! I surely get how he could see that. I would have loved to witness the whole thing, how fun....it's so nice to hear about fun, and laughter, and people sharing and having a good time! While your Dad is outnumbered by females, I've been outnumbered (5-1) by males for year. And now add 2 grandsons, so it's 7-1! He and I should get together. I love hearing his funnies, and as another person said, YOU ARE A TREASURE. Yes, you are. And your family too!

For Gabi and those willing to risk it, I still have about 3/4 of a gallon of Huckleberries in the freezer. That ought to make enough "bounce" to roll over the county road crew, and them guys know how to party on down! We dont have much snow this winter so the road in is in good shape. Mom says she needs about another thousand Yoyo's for another bed cover. 3 gallons of Huckleberry bounce will keep everybody stitchin' on them happy for two weeks!.......... Love, Dad


How's this for a laugh? When you said "I picked her up and turned her upside down..." well, I thought you turned Mrs. WIGHT upside down, eeeek! Ohhhh NOW I get it :)!

LOVE the hula girl, the moose, and you & your dad, Anna :) .

Happy 2012 and thanks a million for all the smiles and inspiration.


I can just hear your dad saying that and then you girls bursting into laughter. Then him shuffling off to his fishing program. Poor man is a little out-numbered by females. :) (But I think he holds his own pretty well.)

You realize now that you have to make a real moose for him, right? ;)

ROFL, that's my big brother for ya. He's a bit strange (in a good way), and always good for a laugh.

It's a great hula girl, but a strange looking moose!! Too funny :)

Hilarious! I love it as both the hula girl, and the moose!

All the ornaments were spectacular -- you are a crafty family!

DK is right, too! I particularly like the moose's nose. Wish I'd been there.

I see the moose! LOL

So funny! ;)

I love Dad's post. LOL. I can see the moose from *HIS* Perspective. What fun you all had. :) Hugs....

What a riot!

Looks like you had a great holiday visit, Anna, and much Fun crafting :)

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