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I'm really behind the eight ball, but I wanted to say how super cute that little Raggedy Ann is! Love the card and love pink. For home decor, I would say that I use red accents in most places, since my favorite color is red.

Throw my name in the hat! I love pink and your goodies look sweet!

I have a couple of favorite colors depending on the season. In spring and summer I love green (celery, pea, etc) and in the fall I love orange (rust, pumpkin, etc). I don't have a favorite color in the winter but pink would be a good choice!

Hello Anna - This is right up my alley. I love love love pink - I really love ribbon. I think I am a ribbon HORDER. Is that possible? Love your pink pink pink card and your ideas. Love it! Pick me pick me. Thanks Frances in Washington

I love pink and make alot of my cards in pink. Would love to win the prize. Thanks!

Sweet card & thanks for the chance to win pink goodies. The main part of my home is yellow. I use a lot of reds & greens as accents. Our master bed/bath is a soft sage green, which is very relaxing. My craft room is blue w/red and white accents that reflect my scandinavian background - it's fun. Hugs.

HI Anna, right now my favorite color is aqua, no a bright aqua, but a more subdued one. My bedroom is done in this color, and it is so calming. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

OH Pink I love pink, however not in my house. My husband would not have it!!! I am into the earthy colors, browns oranges, greens, but my favorite to add is a splash of RED!!! I love red!!! Someday I am going to have a red couch....someday!!!!!
Love your blog!!!

Thanks so much for the chance to win the giveaway. My absolute favorite color is pink so I would love to win, but especially to see one of your cards in person. My favorite home decor color is sage green and we usually combine it with chocolate brown and/or burgandy.

What an adorable image.. I love all of the pink. So cute! What could be better than a pile of pink loot?

Hmmmm. That's a hard question for me. I tend to be very eclectic in my color choices. My living room is yellow. My kitchen is Terracotta. My dining room and the study/craft room are both green. I have a plum bath and a pale pink bath. I also have a couple of blue bedrooms. I also have some rooms with beige/earthtones. I guess I would say that my colors tend to go toward more of the nature/earthy tones. :D But I love anything to do with color. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous PINK prize. :D
I love hearing about your animals, too. :D

Sweet card,,,and give-away...so kind of you :) I have to say I like the brown tones. I painted my bathroom Tea Stained Linen....and really love it. Really enjoy your blog and all your creations, both paper and fabric, am a big fan of the rustic/vintage look.

Beautiful! Pink is my favorite color, and stamping is my favorite hobby.... how perfect! Thank you for the chance for us to win!

Hi Anna. Love your designs. :) A little sad I missed out on the cute little Chicken in your etsy shop. (my kitchen is done in Roosters and my wall color is a warm yellow color with white trim. My accent colors are red and black with sunflowers here and there.) Love the warm country feel. I am a country girl from Alabama who lives in New Jersey right now. :)

Oh, I would so love to win and have these pinks, just to have a card made by you would be fantastic too. My favorite home decor color has always been blue, but lately I've been adding bits of green and yellow into the mix...maybe now some pink too, lol...thanks so much. I also love all your little critters too.

Cabin Red! Our bedroom and master bath have rich reds and browns and I feel so relaxed in there (even though red typically isn't a relaxing color!) I just love it.

My favorite color is the Barn Red that is so popular. We did our kitchen in that shade last year for our first graduating senior! We have these older type kitchen cabinets and I've never really liked the dark color of the wood with them, but the barn red paint really makes the cabinets look expensive! lol And how can a girl not like pink either? Thanks, Anna, for the giveaway.

I love the hunter green, but richer color in my dining room
But we love different stuff too, our bedroom is three different shades of orange!

Butterceam is my favorite house color. I've used it alot in my cards too.

My favorite house decor colors are earthtones. My favorite current combo is the teal and brown tones of my living room. Tomorrow is my birthday and I would love the pink goodies. It would be like icing on the cake....an Anna Wight card!!!

Hello from OH! i like blues and greens for house decor colors.

What a cute card!

I love pink in everything!! But I also love hunter green and burgundy together. Love Love love it!!

PINK !!! In clothing I tend towards, pinks, corals and purples. ALWAYS dark pants (LOL, like that helps my big butt look smaller...) :) The house colors range from Taupe, Sage green, Brick and beige. I LoVE the adorble pink card. Fun as I only have sons and grandsons.

Love all the items you make and share. Thanks for a chance to win all the pink products.

Your pink card is so cute, but then, you have such a talent for coloring all of your cards it's always a pleasure to see what you have done. I guess I'm all over the place with my favorite colors I never seem to be able to pick just one. My walls are neutral so I can change as I see fit. Thanks for offering to gift someone with that great package I would love to win it.

this is precious! pink is my 'go-to' color in crafting... it is on almost everything I create! :)
in my home though, you will find lots of greens and blues and browns. I love the soothing tones to make my house feel relaxed and comfy.

Dark green, burgundy and navy-love the combination. My couch and loveseat are a muted plaid in those colors along with some cream color. Goes good with most woods.

like the color pink and all its shades. Cute card and thanks for sharing.

very cute little card, love all the pink. We use a lot of dk brown , and also in the old house we painted the kitchen paprika, and with accents of burgundy in the tile it was lovely.

Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome package of goodies. My house is full of antiques and loving collectibles so I would have to say chocolate brown and any earth tone are my favorite decor colors.

I love your pink card - so sweet. I became a great Auntie just before Christmas and loving this baby girl and all things pink!

My favorite color is green and it's my favorite home decor color too. I love it with red, burgundy, yellow, cream - green goes with everything!

Thank you for sharing your sweet, pink card. As to house decor color, it depends on the room, of course. For a little girl, soft ballerina pink with spring green and white accents has always been my favorite combination -- reminiscent of my youthful days. My favorite color in my home now is a soft blue-green, like the color of the sky above the ocean at sunrise.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
e-mail: [email protected]

We recently painted our house exterior a soft grey-green, and have had a number of people stop and come to our front door to enquire as to its manufacturer and shade. Love it...

My favorite is a lovely milky hot chocolatey brown called Cotswold by Benjamin Moore, with white trim, and also Flora by BM, a lovely bluey-green shade. Mind you, most of the house is still dull apartment beige...but I can dream!! Thank you for offering us all a chance at such great treats!

Love all the pink, it's one of my favorite colors...love the card you made, so cute!
I have sage green, buttercreme yellow and off white in our home..one room has reds, oranges and tropical greens.

I guess my favorite house color decor is blue...I love blues walls, etc!

Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite decor color is green. I just love that it's found in nature, and there are so many variations available. It's my soothing color.

Very cute card and funny little image.
My favorite color is blue but since I live in a house that was built in the 20's, all the walls have paper on them. I have no idea why I replaced paper for more paper instead of painting but I did so now I have to live with it which is neutral beige's and muted florals.

My favorite house decor color is off white for my wall and a neutral color for my furniture. I love to change up my accent colors frequently so it works well to have a neutral backdrop. Love all your crafties you are one busy girl. Ann

My favorite color is blue. I find it so calming. Wish my eyes were blue!

My favorite house decor color is chocolate brown. We rent right now, so I am not able to paint any walls, but I love dark brown accessories. I do hope to eventually have a room with dark brown walls and white trim.

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