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So dainty and sweet! Love the papers you used with it too.

Enjoy the day off work!!!!

What I'd LIKE to do: finish my stamp inventory. Christmas stamps all sorted and listed, alllll the others to go.
What I'll actually be doing: two 12 hour nightshifts in the ER. Oh joy.

Cute as a bug in a rug! I love mice!!!

I'll be traveling 5 hours, one way, to another state, to visit "Crafters Warehouse". How nutty is that? Gotta love having Monday off from work eh?

Melissa's 35 th birthday party! this afternoon. If I was a devil I'd get her one of those push toys that go popopopopopop all day long in the living room and drive you (grampa)
nuts..... bummer, no little kids around tho. I'll be the little kid, that'll teach her.......Love, Dad

cute card! Quiet weekend here. Grocery shopping/meal planning for the week. Finish laundry, clean bathrooms, and work on notecard sets. waiting on a new stamp set, so come on mail man, and perhaps take a break and watch for the bald eagles to fly past the house,so I can get some good pictures, then spend some time with my Kindle reading.Last weekend DS is home from college, so spend some time with him tomorrow doing something fun.

I've got nothing but cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and other unfun stuff to do before company over tomorrow for birthday lunch for my hubby and youngest son. Hope your to-do list has something fun on it!

My son has vacated his bedroom so I now have a craft room. I need to clean the carpets and then figure out how to organize what furniture I have to be useful in there. I also have a large window to sit at and look outside. If I didn't have another cold right now it would sound like fun, lol.

Your list is probably better than mine....Laundry, vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom, grocery shopping (live in the middle of nowhere so shopping is 1/2 hr drive each way to closest store) then need to clean my car before the Hoarders show picks it for a new episode......Or maybe I'll forget all that stuff and go make cards! LOL! (I wish!)

That stamp is so sweet!

I'm looking forward to spending a long weekend with my boys. I have a honey-do list that is pretty long. Can't wait to get things done! Cleaning light fixtures, install new doorknob, vacuum above kitchen cabinets, organize family room, find my stamp desk, shopping and we'll find some time for real fun too, it's supposed to be a warmish weekend :)

Having company for dinner tonight so have to prep.. Braised short ribs, wild mushroom and arugula risotto, french green beans and a nice bottle of Merlot.
Snow fell so shovelling too.!!
And guess what??? I found the snowman mug rug magazine and it is being shipped as we speak!! I am SO excited....

CHA projects are on my agenda for today. If I get a fair amount done, I need to vacuum this house! I'm starting to mistake the dust balls for our cats!

How perfectly adorable!
Ohhh... where to start?
I need to return a duplicate gift. Get groceries and do laundry. Make two bears for a customer. Start the repair on two wicker chairs and the cane bottom of a rocker (another customer) and 5 baptism banners for next weekend. The fridge STINKS,I better clean that out, too. And put away the last of the Christmas decorations. Plus what ever else crops up, like shoveling !!!
I am tired thinking about it. Hugs...

Hmmmm...laundry....library with the kids (newly renovated...ahhhhhh...new library smell)...laundry....a little baking....laundry....cleaning the frig...laundry....stamping?

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