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How AWESOME those postcards have to be! I wish I had the ones my Grandmother had stashed in a drawer upstairs...that was decades ago, but I remember looking at them. I never got an opportunity to get anything after she was gone. It's really a shame...
I'll hope for more rain for you, and we haven't even started winter yet, here~I love the snow, but it's lacking so far this winter! We'll wish for snow and rain for both our states!

Hi Anna,
How cute! I made your hot cocoa and it is a hit! Will definitely try to whip up some pretty Christmas gifts next year with it like you...oh to be half as talented...but I'll try.

This card reminds me of the pictures and the story of your vaction trips with Julie taking the fake chicken to places like Zion and the Grand Canyon and even the ocean beaches where people you didn't know want to be photgraphed with the strange fake stuffed bird. Like, Hey! wish you were here with us and Zipity dooda the chicken! I'm still trying to live down our trip to Cannon Beach in my loud shirt and even louder shorts.....Love, Dad .... How humiliating ..... but I really like the card

I can just picture you rummaging around auction houses and antique shops scoring little finds here and there and picking up inspiration. The best thing of all is that you are such a great sharer and show and tell about so much of your life and times here for us to see and be inspired by as well. SCORE for us to know sweet you:) Love your vintage postcard (not sure I'd want to see a real stuffed chick in my cupboard like Sylvie:) Wishing you rain and thoughts of great gardening while you sit and sip one of your wonderful cocoa mixes...

Yes, if you can't have snow, at least you can have rain . . . please! Those chicks are cute. I'm with you--where is winter? I want snow! Oops. Have I already mentioned that? ;-)

Cute picture! It has been unseasonably warm here too. We need more snow, not that I love snow but the ground needs it. Let's hope the Spring doesn't bring the onslaught of rains it did last year. The gardening was terrible!

Darling post card, what a lucky find! I hate driving in the snow, but we need it desperately. I even pinned up snowy cards & snowflakes in my craft room as a sort of snow dance! We had the driest December since 1883 here in Reno. So I'm still making wintery things hoping to bring it out. Hugs.

I"m still looking at Christmas cards and trying to find addresses for them.

It's hard when you are in retail and you have to design so far ahead.

It's chilly here, blue skies, no sign of any precip. :(

Here in Toronto, it's not very wintery either. Hovering around zero even above when we should be knee deep in snow and in the minus 10 celcius. The card reminds me of my Mother-in-laws Easter collection. When the antique dealers were going through the china cupboard and found real stuffed chicks they were thrilled. I was horrified! These cards remind me of those chicks. They were worth a fotune, who knew!

Sweet postcard. Love those.
Winter cold is beginning to creep in here. It has been a very mild dry winter so far. I think maybe Valentine's cards next, still can be a bit wintery then. Easter will wait :)

oh you lucky girls finding all those postcards! I love them! make sure you scan them all and tuck them away to stay dry & safe!

We know just how you feel here in Michigan, Anna! Our snow and cold is coming though, I'm certain of it. So now that Christmas decorations are down, the winter/snowman will go up. I'm still in the mood for wintry cards vs. spring . . it seems that themes in cardmaking jump ahead too fast for me!

Am I finally grounded now? Are you going to send me to my room? :)
Haha! You know its my favorite place to be! :)

Cluck, cluck!

Very cute...How come you never showed me that stash of goodies..BAD ANNA..we are wishing for more snow,rain,etc. Don't want a bad fire season this summer. Wish you were still here-too much to and so little time! Love MOM

Oh and p.s. I love the vintage post cards you post. Score!

Anna... I was just thinking the exact same thing. I got a late start on my Holiday cards [the week of and after, none went out this year]. I got a couple of dozen made over vacation but will save those for next year. I was thinking of moving on [it is over after all and spring cards beckon] too, but I still want to make more holiday cards. Anywho... please keep making your cute winter season cards... I love them all. tehe if you couldn't tell I case them all the time. ~cheers

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