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Hey Anna! I bought the book "its a wrap" a few monthes ago and made many scrappy coasters, a small bowl and a big basket. It's so much fun. I like to wrap while watching tv at night ..... : )

I am LOVING opening up my email feeds to all this sewing. These are adorable. My second love is sewing and the more the merrier. Great rainy day projects. I think that rain is headed our way so I am gonna get out my sewing machine. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ha I thought they looked like mini pizzas at first and was thinking of all the goodness of your garden and that you must have come up a new "twist" on pizza - LOL I'm weird I know! They are very cute COASTERS!!

If you place a little square of yellow fabric near the center of each of these cute little coasters I think they would be a nice rendition of a butterhorn pastry that more than a few men have heated in the local cafe with their coffee on many a morning. Yup, and you could still use them as coasters! less fattening for us old guys too....Love, Dad It's been a while since dinner...

Oh, Anna! You've done it again!

You sure keep busy! Nice coasters, they look very absorbant. Hugs...

You sure have been busy sewing lately. I love these & your kitties are adorable. I may have to oil up the sewing machine & make something while the weather is so cold out. Hugs.

They are cute. I checked out the tutorial and, for the life of me, can not understand how they sewed it! It sure looks like lots of work. How about if you make them, put them in your Etsy shop, and then I'll buy them? Hehe. Oh, and cute kitty cats too! Take care. Robin

Cute! I have some boughten ones with nice-smelling stuff in them. I'm too lazy to look at the tutorial--do you sew them together and THEN stuff them?

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