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Love the little clucking noises they make and that they follow your dad around like puppies! How heartwarming!

Such a great video. Loved when they were swirling around him like a tornado of turkeys. Heavy sigh. I really miss Spokane. Enjoy Newport for me.

You are so lucky to have this opportunity to help them and to interact so closely to wildlife. Thank you again for sharing.

Your dad must have better feed than I do, because our wild turkeys wont even get close to a human,,I haven't really fed them that much, but if I could get the same results as your dad, I'd be out there every day...Maybe I'll try a lil' harder ;)
thanks for the video, it was beautiful...

Coming from a ranching family and a hunter and fisherman as well, many folks I feel are unaware of the facts surounding the return of many of our game animals from the brink of extinction at the turn of the century in the early 1900's. concerned sportsmen petitioned states to provide protection from market hunting,believing that our wildlife was part of our heritage. Wild lands without native animals would be a shame. Strict harvest laws and control of overpopulation have made this all happen. fought for by hunters and fishermen.
They are all wild and I started feeding when the snow depth gets deep and to keep the deer and turkeys from straying across the highway that runs up the valley. They were here first, and it gives us such pleasure to see and study them.... Dad

Thanks for sharing - so fun! Their house is in such a beautiful area, I just love it. The turkeys at out at my parent's house used to come running when they heard the garage door open, because that's where they kept the food - however, they quickly learned that, when you're trying to back the car out, a gang of turkey's in the driveway isn't so charming.

Anna, thank your dad for his ongoing care & concern for those birds. I'm sure there are those who think that the birds SHOULDN'T be fed; that it creates dependency, but I'm NOT one of them. We've done so much to destroy their habitat that I think we need to make amends. What a lovely sight the video was!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

This was great, but are you sure they are "wild" turkeys? Bless you Mr. Wight for feeding them to get them through the winter. That's one heck of a lot of black oilies. Thank you, Anna, for sharing this.

Beautiful.......more when you get time....love the mountain view...is it oregon or wa????

Usually turkeys are so elusive and don't like to be around humans. This is amazing.... I've only seen a couple at a time in the wild. Thanks for sharing this..

Oh My... that is a lot of TURKEY! Hey, D.K. it is so good to see you and hear you. :) The view from your yard is breathtaking. Looks like you and Anna are having a wonderful time. Hugs all around....

Love to see this..here in the Netherlands I have never seen wild turkeys.
Love all animals too(hardly ever eat meat
because off that)have two rabbits and 3 hen running around my garden.
The view and surroundings with he wild turkeys look so great and gorgeous....so tranquil wished i lived there too....
Hope you had a very merry Christmas...and wish you the very best wishes for 2012!
Loved your snowman tags..found your blog because of this through the link from Wanda Guess(a blog called Wanda) and am so happy I found it....love cardmaking and stories about farm live /animals.....Thanks for sharing!

I'm scared to death of anything with feathers. love to see them from far away but not up close one year here in sc we had about 14 show up don't know what i would do if that many showed up here. It is so kind of your dad to feed them. we know were you get your love for animals from take care and hope you had a merry christmas enjoy the rest of your stay look forward to next post. Derenda

What a wonderful video. We feed the birds, but nothing like this! Anna, we know where you get your kind heart for animals. Merry Christmas.

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