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How many jars does this recipe fill?

What great gifts! I wish I was getting one of those, yum! I'd love to be sippin' a cup right now...with one of the many, many Christmas cookies I've been eating. Oh, WW will be happy to see me again!

I am not the suzy homemaker type of person, but I am definitely going to try your recipe. Sounds perfectly delicious on those
damp Northwest days. Thank you Anna.

Yup, this is good stuff, it goes well with ginger snaps too. The girls get home Monday evening....should be a real white knuckle road trip "M" is picking Anna up at the airplane place in Spokane, usually I do it. It's a good thing I have a half gallon of Huckleberry Bounce left over from Prohibition, she'll need to settle her nerves. Melissa learned to drive from Bond, James Bond ............ Love, Dad

Oh, I love those special little jars! And that recipe sounds soooo good! Your gift recipients will be thrilled.

this is such a fun place to come in and visit. Reminds me of meandering in small towns and venturing into little quaint shops that always delight with a little something out of the ordinary. Your creative imagination is so vast, Anna. Thanks for sharing so freely. Somebody who lived here but was from the States, gave me some of this once and I loved it, but it wasn't packaged up nearly as lovely:)

OMGosh, I made this about 20 years ago! It's so good!

YUMMY!! I love this stuff :)

Darling, as usual. :) Safe travels!

Awesome -- love gift jar ideas :)

This is great, i know, i've had some!! Your jars look so cute! I still want to make some up.

WOW, that recipe brings back memories! Love how you have done up the jars for gifting. You are too stinking talented ! :) Big Hugs...

I grew up knowing that as Texas Tea.....my mom's friend from Texas gave her the recipe! Love your re-purposed jars and I know the recipients will be delighted!

This is adorable! I save pickle and salsa jars too, whatever I can get my hands on and the labels off of.

Looks and sounds yummy. Have a safe trip and enjoy your time up North. I have family in Indiana and we've made that trip many times. I always love it.

Oh, this makes me think of my grandma. She always had this available at her house in the winter. Your jars are adorable!!

O how pretty.....and my sister-in-law was just asking me if I had a recipe for this! I'll send her over here!

Oh, YUM! I, too, love the Spiced tea! Which reminds me, I need to make some!!! Your friends are going to be very grateful when they get your precious gifts. I love how you made the jars to pretty and decorative! TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing! :D

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