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I'm speechless!!! This is awesome! Can you guys adopt me into your family??? Love it!

Wow. What a room. Does she quilt for others?

I'm drooling over all the goodies and all that SPACE! I remember how you helped your dad build that room (was it last year?). I totally want to go "shopping" through all those neatly folded fabric piles. The quilts and wall hanging are beautiful! Have you said if your mom will teach quilting, provide quilting services as a business, have quilting bees with her friends, or . . .? It's so fun to see photos. Thanks for taking the time to share them here.

WOWZA! Those stacks of fabric make me want to learn how to quilt! Or maybe I will just buy a mini shelf and stack some fabric up on it for the sake of prettiness! AMAZING room, your Mom and Dad must be so proud of it :)!

Oh My Goodness! Your Mom's quilting studio is just fabulous - it makes me wish I could sew! LOL I do love quilts. The few I can see here are exquisite.

Happy New Year, dear Anna.

The room is amazing. I remember the picture of the Halloween quilt she sent you several years ago. Now I can see where she works and produces such wonderful work. You are so fortunate to have her as your mother and inspiration.

Just plain AWESOME!!!!

Wishing all a glorious and much improved New Years Day and following days to come!
The house has settled into a more subdued and quiet pattern after the Christmas cheer and late nite giggling and furious crafting of late. Maybe someone will post pics of the resulting art work. hint,hint. I even got a lesson or two on the finer points of downloading pictures myself. The honey do's continue...I miss the activity and the sound of the flying fingers in the studio tho............. Love, Dad

I was so inspired by these photos that I bought a yard of oil cloth and a yard of fabric at WalMart today. The oilcloth is for the table since Josh always makes a big mess when painting, and the fabric is to put around some candles. You are a bad influence on me! ;)

WOW! Boy what the rest of us wouldn't do for a beautiful room like that. Love it. Tell your Mom just how lucky she is to have something so wonderful. Edna

Looks like tons of fun already has been had by all those stunning projects hanging around. What a beautiful tribute to your varied family talents and treasures, Anna. Woodworking, crafting, quilting, baking, canning, photography. You got handed the motherload and you are all using it in beautiful abundance. Happiest of New Years to you and yours near and far:)

How I'd love a romm like that. You and your Mother have lots of crafty talent! Thanks for sharing.

WOW !!! I think everyone needs a room like this! Just looking at it makes me want to learn to quilt! LOL

*my* address...

WOW! I don't even quilt, and I want that room!!! I can see where you get your talent from Anna...your dad did an amazing job building the room/trim, extras,etc...I could send me address..just in case she had too many quilts to store...hahah...
Happy New Year to you and your family & all the fur babies @ home...

Your dad did a wonderful job and your mom is very talented. Love all the material stacks-just like I love cardstock and dp.

Love it all. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing.

this room is so wonderful! Going to share this post with some crafty friends who will enjoy this fantasy room.

Oh holy night what a fabulous space! So fortunate are we who have a special place to create! Thanks for sharing! Does your mom sell any quilts? Have an Etsy site or blog?

It looks like you come by your awesome art talent naturally. What a fantastic room.

Stunningly gorgeous room..could live there..had a quilting room myself..now its my sons room and I have a tiny room now for cardmaking(with still some quiltsupplies) love my room too...
Love your mothers quilts!
She is one happy bunny I think with this beautiful place!

Oh my GOODness, Anna!!! I can't believe that room. You would cry if you saw where I sew & quilt. Of course, I hand-tie all of mine because I do not, and probably never will, have that huge quilting machine!! What a dream. Do they do sewing room makeovers??? Mine would need to be extreme, that's for sure!! Congrats to your dad for a job well done!! XOXOXO ...and, Happy New Year!

Anna, your mother's studio is beautiful! All that fabric lined up on the shelves is awesome! I can see where you get your talent from.

OMG the *artsy* Talent runs wild in your family! Love the deer quilt the Aunts made. Stunning. I could spend hours just looking at all those fabrics. She is on Lucky Lady! And the bonus - she has you and DK !!! LOL. Big hugs to all...

Your mother's quilt room would be a dream room for me. It is WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing and letting me drool...err, I mean happily admire her space. Again, it is truly wonderful!
Happy New Year!
Jennifer :)

Wow what a gorgeous room! I would love to play there.... second to paper I love fabric!

Oh my MIL has I think 6 or 7 of those feather weights, all in fabulous running condition, she uses them for all her stuff... she keeps talking about selling a few of them, but then never does. She calls them her babies. If one ever makes it out I'll shout out to you! LOL


How wonderful! Your mom must be so thrilled with her new quilt room. Wow....I wish I lived nearby.

How awesome!!! Your Mom's quilts are gorgeous, Anna and that room is amazing. A quilting machine too....I think I want to live in the loft....lol!!

Karen x

OHHHH be still my heart!

I seem to recall you helped a bit with the construction?? It's gorgeous -- if I had that room I would never ever leave!!

Hip Hip Hooray and three cheers for DK for the superb job in building the quilt room. I adore all the windows and fabric shelving, but that red door just ran away with my heart. And don't cha know? Those exquisite Christmas themed quilts are calling my name! I send great big hugs to each and every one with my best wishes for superb health and happiness throughout the new year.

That's fabulous! Those quilts are gorgeous! An amazing place to hang out! Thank your Mom for letting us have a look-see at her special room!

That is one special room! Your Dad must be so proud, and your Mom has to be ecstatic!!! What a wonderful place to craft and quilt. I'm so happy for your Mom, having a great place like that to spend years making many beautiful things!
Your Dad should get some kind of medal for building that room! He's an angel. I'm sure your Mom is appreciative, but I wish I could give him a hug as well! You are a fantastic family. Hurrah for all of you! :D

Holy Cow!!!!
That is amazing!

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