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Sounds yummy! (And easy enough that I might even try it.) Thanks for sharing.

I always knew Alan was a great guy! :) thanks

I knew Your Alan would come through for us! A great big thanks to Your Alan from My Alan, Minime, and myself! Merry Christmas!

Forgot!!Thanks for sharing your recipe and a special thanks to Alan for making that possible. Ann

Merry Christmas Anna and Alan and all your critters. Thanks for sharing your life on the farm and your wonderful talent Anna. Your wonderful imagination and for items to sell and your hard work canning all your garden produce are an inspiration. Love all your photos of good and bad critters( snakes.) Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family. Hugs Ann

Thanks Alan. I am sure to try this with the peppermint flavor! Yumm-O.

Thanks Anna! I put it right in my idea book for next year. Have a great visit and thanks to Alan too for digging up the recipe for us!

Thank you for the recipe can't wait to make some. Merry Christmas to you and your famiy. Look forward to seeing some pictures of your trip back home and of your pets on the farm they sure put a smile on my face.your new little dogs make me think of one we had but he was black and passed away in 05 Happy New Year and thank God for texas getting some much needed rain i'm from texas myself about 3 hours north of you. Hope you have the very best Christmas every.Derenda

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