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Oh, Anna, these are just the CUTEST! I love the idea of doing these for friends with critters. How fun! Your toppers are all extraordinary, I just LOVE them! How awesome to come to your blog today and see all these cute creations! Thank you for sharing, and for wonderful inspiration! :D

Wow, have you been a busy elf lately. As always, these are too sweet! Love your snowman magnet/tags also. (Your Dad is so funny, maybe he should write a book!) Hugs to you, Alan & all the critters.

What a little devil your dad was. Or maybe still is???? :)

Your dad's comment reminds me of when I used to snitch dog food as a kid and cow feed as a teenager.

Speaking of snitching, I snitched one of your photos from this post for my wallpaper. Very festive!

The Treats are all so Cute! Remember you always want to get to the establishment before your Dad, no telling what he may put in the basket next time....tee hee.

Nice! Shellie's comment reminded me of an amusing thing that happened some time back when I was working on a job in Seattle and was unable to get a ticket to the Sonic's game that night. I was waiting to meet some friends across the street in a nice bar with my little sister Andrea. I had been playing with her setter that day and had a bag of dog treats in my jacket pocket,seeing some various crackers in a lovely basket on the dimly lit table I hatched a plan, the devil made me do it,I added a nice big handful of buiscuts to the basket. Smiling all the while. It was a lovely evening and I had the best time snickering when the gang dropped in! There were several nice comments about the nice crackers and how good they were with the little pieces of cheese... Ha Ha Ho Ho... It was a week before I had the gutts to fess up. Purina has some good cookies!.... Love, Dad

Such stylish treats! Your coloring is awesome. I'm sorry to say, though, that I would need a different kind of treat in my package . . . beings as I'm a vegetarian and all. ;-)

Oh Anna! How stinkin' cute these are!! Love it!

I'm a sucker for my furry friends, so I love seeing posts like this! What a great idea and so cute too! :-)

C-U-T-E!! Oh, can you send me your email! It won't load from your "Email Me" tab. Saw a photo that reminded me of you! Just perfect for next year's garden!! I'd like to send you the photo! ;)

Cute, cute, cute!

Great way to package treats for the furry ones. I was planing to baked some dog cookies for the family pets this year. Hugs...

Anna My Anna - your dog treat gifts are adorable. What furry friend wouldn't love to be the recipient of all that goodness? Your coloring is top notch!

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