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I love these Anna!

How cute!

These treat containers for critters are adorable. I love your coloring and how you made each one unique.

Wayyyyy cute Anna! Thanks for playing with us at Touch Twin! Merry Christmas to you Sweet Lady!



I love part 2 as much as the first ones! You are awesome. And your Dad cracks me up, endlessly. He's such a treasure! :D

These are really cute, Anna! I haven't seen the catnip flavored Temptations here. I guess that's a good thing because my kitties would be tearing the house down! They LOVE catnip...eat it, roll in it, sleep on it and anything they can think of. I love the lab stamp!

Too cute! I may have to do this for my furry friends and family. :) Oh, and thanks to Kathy Martin for the great idea about how to give parrots their presents!

OMGoodness:)!!! All the "kids" are going to LOOOOOOOOVE Auntie Anna!!!:) Yes they really, really are...

These pet treats are AWESOME! I love giving our pets gifts at Christmas. We have two parrots that get their gifts wrapped in plain newsprint paper and hung in their cages where they spend the nest day or two opening them! :)

More sweetness. How cute is the smiling lab ?!?!? Have a wonderful week. Hugs....

Yup, I got just the thing for these packaging tags. I opened a big bag of jerky the other day and had some with a beer.....It wasn't as good as Jack Links' brand.......Farley will never know I opened his Christmas present.....He cant have any of my beer either..Love, Dad

Silly me, I thought the kitty treats were in another post. That cat is super cute, and I love how you've colored him/her in every hue!

This is your lab stamp, yes? I wonder which dog of yours "sat" for its portrait. I hope the owners take the darling topper off before the dog gets a whiff of this treat and chews it open. :)

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