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he he he - I am noticing a theme for Miss Twiggy - I you sure that shouldn't say "I'm a lazy dog" instead. I suppose she could still be catching up :D

Oh my word - she is just too precious for words - she looks quite content in her new jamies! Are there two larger pairs for Daisy and Farley in the future? Makees me giggle, to think of Farley in the same outfit; maybe just another jiggy t-shirt for him ;)

Boy, isn't she, though [a lucky dog]? She looks like she might be plumping up a bit. And she looks very content and happy in her new designer pjs. :)

Now she can lie in front of the doors and keep out the drafts. :) jk!

Lucky, warm and CUTE!!!

Anna - you are awesome!!!!! Miss Twiggy has sure become a part of your wonderful family!!! I love the PJ's. I also love everything that you do. Keep up all the great stuff!!!! (ps - slow down I am sure you are going 500 miles an hour creating wonderful things). Luv you! Frances

She sure looks nice in that color. Ha!! I love that precious face!! She will bring you all lots of fun and love!

Don't know where my original blog went butI was glad that God knew just where to put Miss Twiggie so she would be found by you and yours. How sweet she is in her jammies. She's one lucky dog. How can you not love that face. God bless you for your kindness to a lost animal.

What a sweet little face!!!! I love her jammies!

I loved reading the story about how she came to be yours. Her terrible misfortune turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. She is one lucky girl to have found herself in your keep. Bless your hearts for taking her in and taking such good care of her. Best, Curt

thanks for sharing your story and pics of one lucky dog.

No way! Cuter than cute doggie pjs! Lucky dog for sure and lucky you to have found such a sweet soul!

She is very lucky, I cried when I read your story of how she was found, it's a good job people like you exist in the world, miss twiggy is adorable and it makes me happy that she is now so loved.x

So very cute! I wish my cat would wear clothes. I think I'm a little jealous—no, make that alot jealous, of Miss Twiggy.

how cute are those jammies.....what a lucky puppy dog!!! it just warms my heart that you've given her a new home!!!!

Oh how sweet! She looks adorable in her finery.

Very cute! Princess could use one of those!

That is the TOP DOG!!! I love that sweet, innocent face!!

So very sweet and lucky to have found you!

How sweet! What a lucky dog she is to have found you for her mamma. Happy Weekend!

What a darling flannel jammie that Miss Twiggy is sportin'. My favorite part is the button down patch in the back.

UH-OH, I'm in trouble now.Streak & Tippy are jealous..."Where's my new clothes? I suppose she gets treats also?"Wondering where you've been...OH happy days!!! Love, Mom

Oh my goodness.....you must have dressed a lot of dolls or your family pets as a child. Tiny Tim and his winter jacket and now Miss Twiggy....your a blessing to your pets and by the look on Miss Twiggy's face she is grateful for the extra warmth. I really do believe that animals know when they have been rescued and they love you all the more for it. My daughter and her husband have two rescued dogs and they are so sweet you wonder why people can be so cruel to an animal. God bless!

Oh, here they are in blogland!! A fairy tale pup in her twinkly, flake frosted gown. She looks like she's all in for that story!!;) Gotta love happy endings...

Totally adorable ~ who couldn't Love that face:) And the PJ's are great --- put some up on EBay-Etsey & I'll be your loyal client :))))
P.S. What does my pal BadBetty think of the new addition?

ok, when i die, can i come back as one of your pets??

Hello Anna - You and Jami are two of a kind - Jami with Roger & Tessa and you with Miss Twiggy - Oh, what happy doggies the three are!!

Barbara in Bellflower

Oh sooooo cute. Miss Twiggy looks so adorable and you can tell by the look of her face that she loves them.

Very Lucky to have a wonderful home!!

SOOOO adorable! You guys are a hoot! I love reading your blog because I always get a kick out of your farm animals-they are all pets to you and I love that!

Hey, if you'll make a coat for Tiny Tim, why not pjs for Miss Twiggy? Are the other puppies jealous?
My only question is: after a summer of +100 temps, is it really THAT cold in Texas?
Keep sewing....

you are all lucky, God was watching over that little love just for your heart!


ROTFL! Adorable!

Lol you crack me up girl! :)

I love the flannel p.j. Miss Twiggy is sporting. :) YES she is a LUCKY dog. :) Hugs...

Lucky puppy she looks at you with such love in her eyes. We adopted a puppy mill rescue(6years old) and my sister-in-law said someone told him he would go to heaven some day and now he thinks he's there. Ann

adorable!!! love the trap door!

Oh my so cute!!

I love it...this stray dog has hit the jackpot by finding you! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Hey kiddo, shoot a copy of this to Lorraine it's been colder than a witches ----- in Deer Park and her rug runners could use a winter getup upgrade. Cute as a button she is too...Love, Dad

Yes; yes you are! :-)

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