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I have pictures of magic fabric filling the shelves that I purchased from the nice lady that closed up her quilt shop. ( I couldn't build them for what I paid) They are filled to the shelf above each compartment. It didn't hardly dent her stash! Bummer. am building warehouse in spring for stash annex. 40 years of hoarding! Dad

Are you going to share the recipe for the BEST candied yams?

Adorable! That Santa is so so cute! Can't wait to see your projects, crafty girl!

Hi Sherri!
I plan on posting new photos when Im up north for Christmas. Stay tuned! :)
And as for the candles ... if I can get a photo of them at the store, Ill post it.

I dont have them here at the house any longer. They sure smelled GOOD! :)

Cluck, cluck!

Okay, saw pictures I think last year of you and your Dad working on your Mom's quilt shop, so Mr. Wight, do you have "finished" pictures you'd like to share with us because I would love to see how it turned out! Love the card, as always, but cinnamon dipped candles - WOWZA! Can we see a picture...please? Also, I just learned today that you can dye white buttons with RIT dyes, did you know that? Epic!!

How I wish we had *SNIFF* blogging, so I could smell those candles :) Yumm !
This Santa card is sweet ~ of course, LOVE the button and twine.

Very nice! Somehow it looks to me like a box of Whitmans chocolates or how I imagine the box top could look. It's time for me to go to Costco, for a box of chocolates! Still snowing....... I'm glad I got Mom's quilt shop done... she'll have something to do during the Blizzard...Love, Dad

A very Christmasy card. The candles should smell divine! Hugs...

Wow! Cinnamon dipped candles!! I can smell the spicy scent from here!! LOL!! I KNOW all about the mess, but mine is all year round. I just cleared boxes of stuff to give to a local family community help center and I still look overflowed, but I can get in to craft now :) Cute, cute card. Love the fonts you make up your sentiments with, Anna. Enjoy Thanksgiving with John and Sue. Is Miss Twiggy joining you?!!:) When my kids come, so does my granddog, Lola. Hugs~

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