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Awww. Miss Twiggy looks happy. Love happy dogs.

I read your Frosty story and it never ceases to break my heart when I hear of humans' thoughtless cruelty to animals. I'm glad Miss Twiggy's story will have a happy ending. Bless your heart, Anna.

Bless her little heart and yours too for taking her in and loving her!

Looks like Miss Twiggy is going to be fine. She looks health and content. Maybe still a touch concerned about the SIZE of sweet Miss Daisy and dapper Mr. Farley!! They will be best buds soon enough.
I hope you have another place to sit 'cause that sofa looks taken!
Congrats on your new family member.
Hugs to you and Alan and kisses to the puppies.

She just may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. You are all lucky to have found each other!

Congrats on your newest addition! It definitely looks like Miss Twiggy is right at home on your couch!

Miss Twiggy,

I'd say you hit the jackpot!!! Soak up all the love that you will receive from Anna and Alan!


Awww how could you not fall in love with a face that sweet. You and Alan are the best and Miss Twiggy is one lucky little pooch.
Oh tell your dad to please keep the snow over his direction!

She is so sweet and looks shy. :) She really hit the mother-lode when she was thrown into the ditch near your house. (Shame on her former owners!)

Miss Twiggy is adorable (perfect name too for those fabulous ears of hers :) She looks so comfy and at home, you all are so lucky to have each other :)

Congrats on your new child! Those animals weazel their way into our hearts. Curious, have you watched Dr. Pol's show? So real...

I think that stray dogs make the best and most loyal pets! Until recently, the only dogs (and the occasional cat) we had in my family were stays. They seem to appreciate a warm bed and a bowl of dry food more than a dog who hasn't experienced being a stray.
Thank you for keeping Miss Twiggy! She is one lucky dog!

I think Miss Twiggy is the cutest dog ever! She has hit the jackpot of all homes! It was truly meant to be after not one but 2 sightings of her.

OMGosh, she looks so ... settled in. I'm so happy for all of you! :D

ohhhh..how precious!! what a lucky lil dog..she'll become a part of your furry farm friends very soon, if not already..Bless your big hearts for taking her in!!! And SHAME of those people who dropped her off..their loss..your gain...

She sure is a cutie and looks really right at home for sure.

We lost our Pomeranian a couple of months ago and recently adopted another pomeranian from a shelter. He is 6 years old and came from a puppy mill apprehension. It doesn't take them long to settle in where there is lots of love. Miss Twiggy looks so much better not so thin and her ears have healed. When I told my husband about her and descibed your live in chicken he said she's gone to a good home.

Ah Anna, What a cutie of a dog. So hard to imagine anyone abandoning her. She does look like a lucky dog now.

I knew from the start she was yours...what a dollie, huh? I'm so happy for you - and for her - dogs rule!! Hugs & doggie kisses! XOXO

So glad she's with you Anna! Otherwise, f it hadn't worked out for the others who had her, I'd have a long drive to Texas to bring her home with me, LOL ;) . She's SO LUCKY to have you. Can't wait to see more of her as time goes on and she settles in at the farm.

You and Alan are the BEST! Blessings to you all!

Love those ears, eh?

just warms my heart ! you never cease to amaze me, when i grow up, i want to be like you!! heheheh...forget it, i am never going to grow up. you and alan are wonderful people, and it is my pleasure to have you share your lives with us on this blog, you are friend i have never met but admire! thanks for sharing miss twiggy with us, i am sure she will not be the last "new addition" to your family!

There is something very special about adopting a dog, who without their new forever home, probably would not have any future at all.

Miss Twiggy looks like she has been very well cared for since your family took her in and nursed her back to health. I'm sure she is very grateful that she has you and Alan to love back and John and Sue too, when they come to visit.

She looks so much better just after a couple weeks! And vey happy and cozy! Warms my heart!

Such a sweet and lucky dog. You and Alan are lucky, too, to have added such a sweetie to your clan. 15 inches in Newport! Heard they had an earthquake up there, too. Yikes.

She is absolutely adorable. Wish I could see her in person. I am so happy she found a forever home! You will be more blessed than her for sure!

What a cutie - she's looking very content ;)

Once apon a time I guy I fished with said to me "why do you have so many fly rods" My answer was "I never met one I didn't like and besides that they are a lot cheaper than your 4 ex wives" Anna likes critters So all my grandchildren have either 4 legs or wings. It looks like I have a new grandchild. It snowed today here at the Wight house. 15 inches I moved it around for 8 hours. Bummer......Love, Dad

Welcome home Ms. Twiggy - it won't be long before she's ruling the roost and rolling around with Daisy and Farley!

Wow, Anna, this is shocking. Miss Twiggy has moved in with y'all? Huh. (rotfl). I think her new name is much better. I was just wondering today how she was doing. Love the photos! What does she think of Cricket?

Sweet puppy. I wondered how long it would be before she ended up with you. She's a fortunate girl.

You and Alan have hearts as big as our country and I thank the Lord every day for people like you. Thank you for keeping Miss Twiggy. I know she will be a very happy doggy and you and Alan will love her the way she needs to be loved. God bless you both!!

Bless you! It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel as to abandon animals. May she bring you much happiness to your life.

omg! She looks so sweet! How in the heck could anyone abandon her? I cried when I read your first post about finding her. So glad that she now has a loving family. May your days be filled with joy and sloppy puppy kisses.

Clapping! I just had this feeling that Miss Twiggy would love the farm so much that she wouldn't want to leave :!

If by "settled", you mean "spoiled", then yes. :)

Oh so sweet! I'm so glad that you all got together. I'm not sure who is luckier, Miss Twiggy or You and Alan.

Anna, any trace of sadness or anxiety that was visible in those first pictures looks like it has been replaced by comfort and contentment. A sign of luvin'!! Hope all continues to go well. I know you've got lots of critters, but she is such a bitty wee thing, she hardly takes up any space at all--except in your hearts:)

Awwww Anna, LoVe the new name - Very fitting :) She is totally adorable and can`t wait to see what BBetty thinks of her LOL

Ah, she is adorable. What a sweet find for you all and a tremendous lost for the ones that tossed her out. Thank goodness there are Angels among us such as you and your Mother-In-Law. I love her new name. 'Thanks for giving' her the best of this world.

Was the question, "settled in OR spoiled rotten"??? I say, "BOTH"!!!! ;)

What a cutie!! Those ears!!! She looks like she's part fox :)

She is on LUCKY dog. Twiggy is the perfect name. :) How is she doing with the big old dogs around there? (And the other furry ones.) Hugs...

She is definitely settled! And sooooo adorable! I'm not usually a fan of small dogs, but she steals your heart, first sight! I'm so glad you are caring for her, and she will know who her Mommy is. Another member of the "herd", or more like "menagerie"!! Have a great weekend! :D

Awwwwwwwwwwwww such a sweetie!!! So glad you rescued her!!!

Awwww, lucky girl! She looks very happy in her new digs!

She looks like a pup who knows she's got a good thing going! Glad she has such a happy ending to her story. I love her big ears too :)

Do you remember that old dog food commercial Lucky Dog? "Lucky Dog, Lucky Dog - I'm a Lucky Dog". Miss Twiggy looks right at home now. Lucky Dog.

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