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I just saw this story when looking up Podengo's. She is adorable and sure looks like a Podengo to me. We adopted a Podengo from a rescue 2 months ago and he is the love of our lives!

You are amazing to help this sweet dog. Those that left her there will deal with karma. Best of luck to them.

That is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! God love that sweet little thing...and to have you and Alan and your extended family all be so willing to always care for the unfortunate. That dog will never be unfortunate again, yay :)

God bless you and your family for taking in Frosty, I know these times are hard but how can anyone in the world abandon a precious pet. I suppose if you lose your home and living out of your car with your kids the pets might have to go but find a place that might be able to find a home for them. The poor things don't know what's happened to them. I cry thinking about this.

Oh my word she is just way too cute!!

Bless you all.

She is just the cutest Dog, I can not believe anyone could do this, it's very upsetting, but at the same time, so very wonderful that she has a fantastic new home, one she could never have dreamt of having.

When I come get Eddie, do you think Alan's Mom will let me have her?? heehee

She is adorable!!! I see her face in a stamp set real soon!! :)

Anna-I just recently read this story and have to commend you and your family on your good deed. I work with animals on a daily basis at our local aquarium, and it is amazing what people try and pawn off on us. On another note, my darling dog Delilah was found in a barrel trash can in a park...I, like you, cannot believe how heartless some people can be! Frosty is such a lucky little lady!! Thanks for being such a wonderful "citizen" in the animal world!

Oh my gosh! I'm in tears! This is so sad...but I'm so happy that Frosty now has a new lovely home.

Oh Anna, she's such a sweetie. I too live rurally in Colorado and we occassionally take in abandoned animals (shame on these people). You're wonderful animal people, Bless you :)

Meant to be, just meant to be.
Enjoy your new home Frosty

Jackie, Southam, England

What a blessing for Frosty that you found her! You know even though there are many uncaring people in the world, there are still just as many who are willing to open their hearts and their homes and show that their are still kind and loving people in the world! Thank you for opening your hearts to this little one!

Frosty is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. How can people be so cruel? You guys are just WONDERFUL! Frosty is so lucky that you guys spotted her. What a great early Christmas gift!

What an adorable puppy! How lucky you were that he happened to be dropped off in your corner! Shame on whoever dropped the puppy off for whatever reason ...

Oh what a sweetie! Congrats to your family for adopting this darling little dog. She will be well loved for sure.

OMG! Who would DO such a thing?!!! So glad that she wandered into your family's life. She will now be well taken care of. :D

Yay! Boy is that one lucky little girl. So glad that she decided that Allan's mamma would make a good forever mamma. What a sweetie and I just love her big ears. Not much will be able to sneak up on her that's for sure.

She's darling with that wire hair, sweet face, and huge ears! I'm so sorry for her and so thankful for people like you and Alan's parents who rescued her even though you already have pets of your own. She looks like she'll be a lovely addition.

I'm in love! Just too cute and thank you for taking part in a rescue. All the pets we've ever had were rescues..and they have all been the best. Take care, good luck and thanks for sharing. A big hug to you and Sue,


A heartbreaking story with a heartwarming ending. Frosty is one very lucky puppy to have you and Alan & his parents to love her. Thank you - you are wonderful people.

God bless you all! This story just made my day!! Shame, shame on those people that just tossed Frosty out to fend for herself. There's a reason that she was dropped off at your place. As another country person, it is very infuriating to think that there are heartless people out there that feel the answer is to drop these helpless animals off, either hoping they'll survive with the help of us country folks, or that they'll survive on their own (which they don't). I too am the rescue mom of numerous cats and a lovable great dane - all who find a forever home with us with lots of love.

All the sweet and precious animals I have ever had have been abandoned. I always say, God brings me the best pets! Looks like your new little guy is going to have it made now. Bless you for saving him. He sure is a cutie!!!

Shame on them is right. What an adorable little girl! DD's dog is black and white, but scruffy like Frosty, and has been the best pup ever! Thank you for taking such good care of her at 'daycare'. I am very active in trying to keep our local no-kill shelter up and running, and it's pretty sad to see how many dogs are abandoned. You rock!

You guys are amazing....beautiful story with a happy ending!

Yay for the ENTIRE family!!! And a little squeeze to Frosty from her new internet friend!

I agree ... shame on dumpers. This little lady is adorable. Taken to a shelter, she would have been adopted in a heartbeat. Instead, she suffered. Now she's blessed with not just one but two loving homes. :-)

Kudos to you all for taking in precious Frosty. I am the proud new Momma to Slinky, a black cat, who was abandoned on the side of the road, duct taped into a card board box, giving birth to 4 kittens. We estimate she was 8 months old at the time, far too tiny (6 pounds) and too young to be a mom. The kittens have homes and Slinky is now a Ms. and adjusting well to her new home.

She's adorable, Anna! I knew as soon as I started reading this post that the ending would be a happy one...and was I ever right!

Welcome to your new family, Frosty! I think you're gonna like it!

Frosty is just the luckiest little thing on Earth right now. Such a good family to love her. She looks like a love machine, a real cutie.

What a heart warming story! I'm so grateful for people like your family who take the time to rescue animals like Frosty! It sickens me that people could treat an animal so badly! Thank you! You will be given tons of love from Frosty in return for your kindness!

What a precious little puppy. My heart broke as I read about Frosty. I live in a unincorporated community that is easy for people to slowy drive down the street and drop animals. Just in the last several months I have had one tiny 8 to 10 week old kitten and one older cat come right into my fenced in backyard. I think there is a flashing sign on my front door that says "Soft Heart" inside. I found a home for the little kitten within a couple of days but no luck with the older cat. I took him to the vet and found out he had health issues so I brought him to join my pride of cats. (my husband wanted to kill me). I named him buddy and he waned to be with me all the time. I found him lying dead on my living room floor on four months after he came to us and my heart was broken. It seems so many people have no concept that animals are living breathing beings but look at them like something to throw away. Thanks for sharing your pictures of Frosty. I would not have been able to turn that precious little thing away.

Her name should of been "Lucky".....she is so lucky to have been found by her new forever home!

What a little sweetie! And a very lucky wee dog to have such a wonderful loving family as yours. Wish I'd have found her first!! XO

Such a sweet face! How could anyone not love that little sweetie! We had a similar thing happen to us. We had a little girl show up on our doorstep one day. That night it was supposed to get to about 28. She looked to be about 8 weeks old. Just big enough to be away from her momma. Needless to say, MagE (Maggie) has been a member of our family 2 years this comming January. BTW my 6 yr old came up with the spelling for MagE. I love it!

Bless her little heart---she's so lucky to have y'all taking care of her! As little as she is I can't imagine she'll eat much so at least the food bill shouldn't be too bad :) We had a schnauzer w/ big ears like hers (I refused to have them cut short like you're "supposed to"). My hubby had Schotzi in the car as he went thru a drive-thru one day and the girl there actually asked him how he got her ears to stand straight up like that. He told her "hairspray."

What a sweet dog! Thank you for your collective persistence and giving her a good home!

I'm afraid if I had property like yours I'd adopt all of them myself. :)

OMG what an adorable little puppy. She / He is so lucky to have you guys...

She looks a little like a Jack Russell terrier and Mexican somethin or other (that Hilton chic's dog) anyway there is something warm and fuzzy about a dog that can sneak up on you and chew on your ankles while your knocking on the door. She'll be a lot safer to have than a Rotweiler..... Love, Dad

I HATE that people are so cruel. Poor little thing. I'm so happy that she has a family that really wants her, now. It was meant to be.

Well it's lucky for Frosty that she was found by y'all! Little girl lost now has such a big family. Good for you and good for her! I needed a pick me up today and Frosty's happy ending story really did that for me.

How can some one be so mean! I am so happy Frosty has found a new home and I hope she comes around soon with all the love that your homes have to offer,

Aww Anna you and the extended family have such big hearts. Frosty is one LUCKY doggie :) Bless you and the in-laws. Big Hugs to all.

Introduce HER to the chickens...sheesh, Kelly...she has a pink collar for crying out loud (rolling eyes)!!!!!

Aww Anna, you, Alan, and his parents are the best! So glad sweet Frosty found such a wonderful new home. Looking forward to life on the farm pictures with Frosty! Can't wait until you sew him cute clothes, and introduce him to the chickens...giggle :) :) :)!

God Bless You all . . . it is hard to say what happened to Frosty . . . but I think we all have a pretty good idea. Frosty may not have had a very good beginning of life, but it looks like Frosty will have a very happy rest of life in his forever home with his forever family. Thank you Anna and to all of your family for rescuing Frosty. I think I know what Frosty is thankful for given the time of year.

Amen, Anna!!! We live in the country too and encounter abandoned animals all the time. All of our kitties on the farm were 'dumpies', now they are 'family'.
Frosty looks adorable and I am so glad that Alan's mom could coax her out of her hiding hole. What a sweet face. She is going to come to love Miss Daisy and Mr. Farley!! And they will do a wonderful job protecting her (unless cookies are involved, but I digress). Big hugs to you, Alan, and his parents. Manetta

What a beautiful little girly - an adorable addition to your extended family!
I think it's lucky that she was treated so. Things turn out for a reason, and now she will spend the rest of her days with people who truly care about her. Not with selfish or thoughtless owners. That is the luck of little Frosty ;)

Oh I just love , love, LOVE that Sue and John and you and Your Alan have rescued Frosty and are nurturing her back to health (physical and emotional). A happy ending to a heart wrenching ordeal, indeed.

OMG!! What a precious little creature!I am so happy this baby has been found! So sad these things happen every day. My cat is the result of the same thing. He has a good home now. I'll bet he will love his new family. Keep us updated with pics please.

She looks a real sweetie - I'm glad that she's found not just one but two happy homes. I just can't understand people abandoning pets!! I'm always so sad when I see signs up on the lampposts or bus stops around here when somebody has lost a loved pet and is trying so hard to find it again.

Bless you.

There's something fundamentally wrong with a person who could just abandon a helpless, human dependant animal in that way. They've got to know the animal will suffer greatly before likely dying. This makes me so mad, hoping fate will catch up with them and find them lost, suffering and alone. At least that's how my wrath would have it be. Thank God for people like you, Alan and Alan's folks. I have to think there are more of us, the conscientious, than those with such sick apathy in their hearts. Thank you and I love you my cousin. (((HUG)))

She is ADORABLE!! You are so good to take her in. Lucky little puppy.

Oh my Anna - she looks so much like my little Tessa who we also believe was abandoned - although we cannot imagine why since she is pretty much the perfect dog! So glad you all were able to rescue Frosty! I know she will be well-loved!

While it is so upsetting to know that people abandon pets so readily, it warms my heart to know that there are people like you that have such compassion. ♥

I admire you Anna.

After her rough beginning, Frosty has now hit the doggie jackpot of love! I agree with you, Anna - shame, shame, shame on the people who abandoned her. She is adorable with those huge ears. Hopefully she will soon come to trust her new family, animal and people. Bless you.

Oh, I hate when people do this. We live out in the country too and we've adopted a few pets to say the least due to drop offs. Well, cats that is. I don't know how someone can just drop an animal off to fend for itself. It just makes my heart sick. Kudos to you and your family, Anna, for stepping up and adopting this adorable puppy. She will have many happy years with you guys!

Frosty looks like the sweetest thing! What a wonderful ending to the story Anna - Frosty is one lucky pup indeed!!!

YAY!!! We love this story, Anna! Ya'all are AWESOME to take in Frosty and give her a lovin' home. And great daycare! ;)

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