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Happy Belated!
I've been using these markers for years. Copics only became available a couple of years ago here (in Montreal, Cdn). Know what? My touch markers are still juicy! My fave is the #10 red - still fab after years of use. My copics haven't faired even half as well (I've already had them replaced as so many were dry after 2 weeks!) so I am not on that bandwagon. Besides, the Touch markers often go on sale here for $1.99!
Loved your colouring vid as well as the visit to Salada. I miss Texas- waaaa!

Watching you color is amazing!!! Its very relaxing to me...plus I've learned a few things from your coloring. May have to try some of those markers for myself...as always...love, love..love your blog!!!!

Very nice! Thanks for the tip about using the shades of grey to color!

Wonderful stamp and coloring Anna! Happy belated birthday! So glad you had a nice day and were able to have fun with art too.

Excellent video. Loved the added music, too. Every tiny bit you add just makes it better. Gotta grab one of those apples! Glad you got some rain in Texas. Just wish it hadn't come during the ALCS! Two rain delays, sheesh!

Woo hoo! Those Touch Twin markers hit the jackpot when they were sent to your home! Couldn't have gone to a more worthy artist. Beautiful coloring and shading with just a few different colors. (And I love that scarecrow stamp!)

Me again.... loved watching your video... I could color or watch people color all day long... so relaxing! Ya done the markers proud. :) I like shading with greys and also with complementary colors. So fun.

I colored for a few hours yesterday and kept in mind your comment once about not always having to blend colors to death. Have fun with Jeanne and Lydia tomorrow! I'm jealous!

Sooooooooooo excited that you won these, Anna! Have fun!

I really liked the video. I learned a lot from it! HB

Hurray for Anna! A sort of surprise birthday win!! That is awesome. The markers couldn't have gone to a more deserving person!!!
Can't wait to watch the video. And I'm so happy you had a day off and were able to play with your new "toys"!!! and THANK GOODNESS for a Fall day in TX. I knew it had to happen eventually! :D HUGS....

What a fun set to win! And a nice birthday bonus. Thanks for the video. It helps to see how you created the beautiful images. I'm wondering if you would share what paper you use for pencil, pen, marker, etc. Thanks!

Congrats on winning that fabulous prize. I won two of the pens. Jeanne said they work with Copics so if you have a Copic blender you can use that. I found them online under $5 each.

So pretty...the colors are so beautiful....Happy Birthday....what a fun way to spend on your birthday....

OW, what a great prize and to arrive in time to spend your BD playing with them. Is the best! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Birthday. Big Birthday hugs...

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