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Wonderful looking store...drool!

Darn! Next time you are going shout out! I am about two hour drive south of there, I have only been there once but it was a fabulous shop! And would love to meet up with you there!

I use to live 30 min away now little over an hour but still love to go in there and check out the stamps and supplies. Sounds like you had a fun trip and the town is so neat an cozy. Were the pumpkins scattered through town yet?

And......this, is why your office to to dang small! Having all your gotta have'ems stacked 4 layers deep is hard on the floor joists. The building is lovely too. Now you just need to add that building to the coffee shop/ quiltshop/ sporting goods/ stamp shop/ bed and breakfast that mom and I are intending to build next to the Casino that's on the lake shore here in Newport by the white sand beach.......Love, Dad

I really like that she has Texas stamps. It's hard to find regional stamps. About all we'd have up here would be some cattails or some coneflowers.

What a stamper's dream! I'm glad you said you girls spent "a couple hours" in there . . . I wouldn't mind spending the night sleeping near all those stamping supplies. :) So glad you have a fun day out . . . you don't get that all that often.

OMGosh, I'm drooling!! It's been SO long since I've been in a stamping store, and that is just DIVINE! Wow, a fun day indeed!!! But you didn't show us your "haul"! I'd love to see what you bought! :D Too fun. Thank you for sharing. Now I'm going to HAVE to find a stamp store in KS to visit! There's got to be one SOMEWHERE! :)

Oh my goodness so much temptation all under one roof. What a wonderful store you could spend hours and not see it all. There was a store in Spokane that was wonderful but alas it closed several years ago (Huckleberrie Paper Patch). Ann Lind

That is such a fabulous store!! I wish Orlando had something similar.

That looks like one fabulous shop! Makes me green with stamp envy ;)
So how much are flights London Heathrow to Texas again? Surely that wouldn't be much compared with the amount I could spend over with Sandy if I had the chance! Rx

What a great tour. Well worth the drive. Ocala has a great stamp store. The owner is Trish Price and the name of the shop is Priceless. It surely is, too.

Thanks for the inspiration too!!!

Thanks for the virtual tour of Stamp Salaldo. It looks like a must stop for any trip to TX! My favorite stamp store Cottage Corner ( a mere 20 min. drive) closed this spring. Booo-hoo. She sold out to the bare walls. Now she has reopened as an on-line business. Sure is not the same as hands on. Love all the samples on display. So what did you bring home? Hugs...

It's so nice to see an independent stamp store. So many are closing their doors. I know you can buy on the internet, which is probably part of the reason, but it is still nice to to go in person. Ahhh, the smell of rubber!!!

Fabulous store! I wouldn't want to leave! Bring me chocolate and a glass of wine and I could stay forever!

What fun! Sounds like a perfect day out. We lost our local stamp store also. So sad... But what a beautiful store she has there. Lots of inventory! Great video.. Thanks Anna for the great tour of the store and music too!!

I hope you got that Birthday Hug I sent for you!



We used to have a stamping store near here. *sniff*
Have you got any rain? The weather shows a storm strip all the way from here to TX.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... so sorry to have missed this treat! But mighty glad that y'all had a fabby time! It's always good with stampy friends in Salado! Thanks for the fun video share!


Great video tour of Sandy's place. I live 20 minutes from Stamp Salado and love to go looking around there. I always see something I haven't seen before because she has so much to offer.

Yes. I'm with Shannan...totally jealous! Glad you girlies had a great time! Hugs!

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