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Loved the blog with your chicken - very cute and glad to see she's part of the family! She's one lucky chick!

I love you comfort conscious Betty in her Birkenstocks, Anna!! Adorable. Beautifully colored and those are the cutest little chickies, but they will have a hard time competing for "cuteness quotient" with the talented typist Cricket. (my uncle had a toy poodle named Cricket so I have to switch my mental visual a bit!!:)

Hahaha, I needed a laugh today! Cricket is quite the typist, I see! How adorable. I've never had help from a chick, only a kitty! I do like Cricket's message!
Your farmgirl is adorable. Love your new sets! They are amazing, as always. Thanks for the great cards~!

I love your new releases, Anna, and I thought the same as Dotty about the "isn't it amazing how our minds work" kind of test :) .

I had to laugh when I read about it though because yesterday one of my cats could smell something interesting on my fingers and was sniffing each one as I was typing -- it was very tricky to type with a whiskered little face bobbing up and down on my fingers!

I think Farmgirl Betty took a trip to the beautician and became Punk Farmgirl Betty. :)

Tooo-Toooo cute, I think I need a chicken in my classroom...

she can type out my reports and teach manners....Love MOM

Hee Hee, Cricket the "chick" is quite talented. - Me I have cats who sometimes paw across the keyboard.
Farmergirl Betty is charming. I think it's that silver/blue hair tone lots of older women have that she's sporting.

That is too funny! a chicken that types. heehee!

Cute card! And Cricket is one sweetie-pie looking bird ;)

Betty is so sweet. Alan cracks me up, but not quite as much as your typing chick! Thanks for the smiles.

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Well, little old ladies have been known to dye their hair blue...and I do love the chicks...especially Cricket. She's really growing up - knows how to type already! Wow!!! XOXO

Adorable card and I love the chicken typing! So funny that my mom had a bird named Cricket. I think that's so cute!

Cricket is trying to tell you that she sneaks out at night to be the "Lotto-chick."

very cute! my favourite part of the post was the typing! Fun!

Hi Cricket! Is she still your house chicken? Cute, cute card! Love your new releases!

I think Betty is either gray or platinum blonde, not blue! Love the tea died ribbon.
Cricket is one lucky chick! Her typing skills are nearly as good as mine! LOL.Have a terrific Tuesday, hugs...

Could she be giving out her contact information? tee hee!

That's so funny!! At first I thought it was one of those sentences that test your reading skills when words are incorrectly spelled or letters are missing altogether. I could still read it (oooh, what does that say about me? I can read chicken?)

I think she's telling us "This is the best farm on the planet and I have the best human parents ever ~ I'm one lucky little chick!!"

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