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Now you have me curious. What is Oregon Chocolate?

Hope you are enjoying your visit with ole' friends! And I thought only "women" could be bribed with chocolate! :)

Awwww, what a great coastal scene! Love it! Have a wunnerful time on your "holiday." Hope there's not too much giggling. ;-) And good luck to Alan back on the farm with Boxcar Betty!

Have a lovely time! Good for you!

Have a brilliant time and make sure you get lots of sleep, sun & food; three best things in life, right? LOL Hope Miss Betty behaves while you're away for Alan :0)

Sounds like you have tons of fun planned. It is nice to get away, catch up with dear old friends, do some girl things that you LOVE, and then back again to what you love and have devoted your life to. Enjoy, enjoy and be safe. I also happen to know that some (maybe all) of the 1976 Canadian olympic gymnastic team trained in Eugene, Oregon!!! Crazy the things we pick up and remember in life (or maybe we just THINK we remember, LOL!!:)

Sorry we didn't know you were coming to Oregon so we could have ordered better weather. But you know about Oregon and how to blink you eyes and the weather will change.

Now I have a craving for chocolate-covered coffee beans! :) I am so glad you are getting away for a few days to a good climate! :) You sure deserve it. Bring home some rain with you.

Hmmm... I'm surprised Cricket didn't sign on to update us while you're gone. =) Guess she's too busy commiserating with Alan about how you deserted them for a weekend full of friends, fun and chocolate. LOL

Sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

Enjoy! Love the Oregon coast.

Welcome home! Glad you've had a chance to get back up here for a few days - have a great time!!! Hugs

Have a fun and safe trip.

post pics!!!! we must have pics!!! :)

I hope you're taking home goodies from Honest Chocolates; they are the BEST! They have a shop in McMinnville and one in Newberg. You picked a good weekend to come; not too much rain in the forcast and glorious fall foliage. Welcome!

Sounds like a busy but wonderful weekend! Enjoy it.... we'll try to survive without you!

This trip isn't all business is it? Be advised that the original Animal House (Eugene) and One flew Over the Cookoo's Nest(Salem) were both filmed in Oregon. Youza! What could be better than good Seafood and a mind blowing party? Yup, nothing........be careful, Love, Dad

Sounds like a wonderful time. Hope Bad Betty is good for Alan. She would probably like some chocolate too! I'm heading up that way in a couple of weeks for my father's 90th b-day! Hugs.

Alan is sweet to let you go, I guess the Chocolate would make me feel better about staying home alone, too *grin*
Have a ton of fun and safe travels back to TX. Hugs...

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