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OMGosh, I love Penny Black stamps, too! I'm pretty sure I have both of those! (I have a big drawer full of her animals!)They always bring a smile to my face! And your coloring is so perfect, as usual~~what a great card! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing with us!!! :D

These gals are all that, Anna!! I see DK finds them a tad brazen!! Not sure you could pack all that junk into a bikini bottom!!! So you may as well add the swankiest color you can and some glittah!! SUUU-EEET!! Oh, and those cutesie bootsies--do they come in twos?!!

Hi Anna, I think these cows are so awesome.
I love your design and coloring.
These are simply MOOvalous!!

Oh my these are adorable and a lot of fun. Your dad was hilarious with his comment.

This are darling!!!!

P.S. Your Dad is too funny! lol "Nakedidty" of barn animals is a true necessity in life, esp. to us City folks :o)

Hey Anna .... these cows are just too sweet :) MOOoooooo

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--you are SO GOOD at shading! These little gals are too cute--makes me giggle to look at them. Love the polka-dotted wellies on the daisy muncher. :)

cute cards, I especailly love the cow wearing boots, much needed in PA where its still quite wet.

These are SO cute, Anna. I just LOVE the dangly earrings on the cow on your first card. hee, hee..

Oh aren't these an absolute hoot! I adore the facial expressions and the rich colors you chose to breathe life into these darlings. That purple bandana is the cat's meow.

Love all the cows - MOOOOO!!!!!

LOVE These cards!

These are just plain CUTE !!! Love Penny Black. Great paper choices and fun coloring. Enjoy your day, hugs...

Udderly adorable (I crack me up!). Of course the daisies need glitter!!! That's just a given. ;)

HA! Dad and the heifers both cracked me up this morning! And yes, daisies must have their glitter!

So darn cute!

Being a rather genteel sort of guy I was struck by the fact that the "nakedidty" of the girls is blatantly sticking out, should cows wear bikini's? And that cutie wearing the "swampers" is for sure a Coast Range Holstein hottie. Frost was on the pumkin this morning!.....Love, Dad

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