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HOLLY COW~!!! When did you get so organized Anna? Can I come live with you~~I'll look after the goats :) And I adore that Hobby Lobby wooden storage unit with the librian-style drawers. You put my craft room to shame :D

That was very fun to watch and hear Anna! Thanks for making the video!

I'm impressed! When are you going to announce the TV deal with Martha? or the Opra network? And to think this all started coloring on the lumpy rug at Gramma's on rainy days! ( But the art degree probably helped)........... Love, Dad

I have said it before, I will say it again.... I WANNA come play in your craft room! WOW you are so organized. (I really am not surprised) Thanks for all the great ideas. HAve a fabulous Friday, hugs....

Thank you so much for sharing such great storage ideas.

Wow......!!! Thank you so much for sharing such great storage ideas. I still have a long ways to go to make my room as organized!

Can I just say...OMG! I thought I had a lot of ink pads and glitter! Girl, you win! My craft room in under construction (second coat of spackle just went on, yay!) and I only hope I can be half as organized as you are. I've been picking up all sorts of storage containers and shelves and whatnot over the years (yes, I said years) while I waited for my room to be ready...so here's to keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome craft space Anna! You rock!

Anna, it's GREAT!!! I have the 6x6 drawers and never thought about putting 6x6 paper pads in there, PERFECT! Thank you! Every time I come to your blog i just want to lock myself in my room and create! You are SUCH an inspiration. thank you so much for sharing your creative zone! Once mine is finished, I'll share it with you.

Thanks Anna, and I was one of those getting ready to ask about the fires..so glad you are safe. That was such a nice tour...I treated myself to some organization, I will forward my pic to you soon.

* Copic / Sketch / Various Ink Display
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is where you can find the copic holder

Jealous, I yam. Organized I yam not. sigh

That was a wonderful and helpful video. You really have a great assortment of supplies! Thanks for the video and tips.

What great tips, thanks.
You are so very organized, even after cleaning up my area it still looks messy. I am going to have to try your tips.

Great video with great storage ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you very much. It was great to see that I am not the only one who have so much crafty things. And thank you for the inspiration to tidy up, because I really need to make some new systems in my craft room. Yours are extremely tidy ;-)

I am amazed by your beautiful and inventive organization schemes. Great storage ideas!

I love the Copic retail display. I got one a while ago from Oozak. http://www.oozak.com/proddetail.php?prod=COPCSV-DISP

HTH! :)

Anna, I am amazed by your beautiful and inventive organization schemes. The things that give me the biggest headaches are paper and stamps. How do you organize colors, brands, and patterns of paper? And how do you store stamps? Drawers? By brand, theme?

Thanks so much for doing the video tour!
P.S. Sending you some cool New England air -can you feel it yet?

fabulous to see where the master creates! LOL... really great storage ideas, and the video is much easier to understand that photos!

Great video, Anna! I used to keep my Copic reinkers in containers very similar, on a spice rack hanger on the back of my craft room door! Love your storage for 6-inch paper pads ... mine have become "overgrown" and I was searching for a solution, so thanks!

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