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A beautiful, one of a kind from a one of a kind heart.

Just when I think you can't wow me anymore! Wow!!! This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!

Such a touching card! I love how personalized it is with your original art! It's so lovely!

Your card is gorgeous, and filled with your love. I'm sure it will be saved forever, maybe even framed. You are so sweet and kind and thoughtful. I'm sorry for your friend and your loss. Death is such a hard reality to deal with. My heart goes out to you.

So beautiful and meaningful to your loved ones. Life can be very hard sometimes. I'm sorry for their (and your) loss.

Your post made me tear up! I'm sorry for your friend's loss, and the distance that you personally feel during this difficult time! This is a beautiful card made with a heart full of love and concern! May you all be comforted during these days!

I am sorry for you loss, Anna. I wish you could be there, but at least this card comes with a part of you.

This is beautiful Anna! I know they will love it and appreciate you thinking of them.

Anna - I echo each and every comment posted in response to your exquisite original watercolor. Your well thought out card and heartfelt expression of sympathy is truly something to behold and mean more to us than you'll ever know. We treasure your friendship. With heartelt gratitude.

Your card is so beautiful and your friends will surely feel the love you put into it!

Very beautiful - and thoughtful.

So sorry, Anna! I never make a sympathy card until I need one, just for the reasons you posted. You created such a heartfelt, sweet card that I am sure the family will treasure forever.

Created with the love in your heart for your friends, I know this stunning card will help them through this difficult time.

Your original Sympathy card will certainly warm their hearts. They will know the love and hugs you send along. You are a good friend. The sunflowers are beautiful. Hugs...

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