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I was admiring this little guy when I went through all the stamps at WS. I'm such a sucker for every single snowman stamp you've ever drawn . . . I need them all!

Dear Annie,
Ilove your blog and wis h you to have cooler weather I feel so sorry for you all...

It is just too HOTZZZZZZZZZ..It isn't any laughing matter I feel so badly for you and Allen. nd all ayour chillins there.
Think how ohot hell is WOW!!!! Don'at want to go there do we?

I see you are trying very hard to think cool thoughts by posting that adorable rustic snowman that, as I type, is hopefully speeding through the postal system with a few other goodies including 3 sweet rustic pots with their cute little blooms!! Nothing like the "real thing" for a burst of inspiration!! We had 2 days of STICKY heat that just broke with a good soaking rain last night. It did not make for pleasant 8 month old babysitting weather!! Grandma konked out as soon as the babe headed home!! Ha, Ha!! Sad but true!! Hugs~

Anna, are you getting any rain up from the Gulf?????? It is so cool here that I turned off the a/c and opened all of the windows. I may need to sleep under A BLANKET tonight! WoooooooooooHoooooooo!

Your Dad will have to wait for his card from me. It's here. Gotta get envelope, card and address and stamp and addressing done first. Lordy! Now I know why we all use email! :)

Wishing cooler weather to you!

Enjoy your weekend and a Happy B-Day to Dad Wight.

Hey I have a card on my blog that might make you feel a little "cooler"...
We're heading back up into the 90's after a couple of cool 70's days this past week.

Yes, wait for cooler weather. It's been in the 100's here too. Looking forward to lower temps next week. Love that snowman image. Have you ever thought about selling digital imaages on Etsy?

I'd hold off on the chicken Po remodel for a while if I was do'in it... it's not as if you are trying to beat the first snow fall. I recieved a very nice card today and a magazine subscription too! Good things come to those that wait, or so I've been told. I cant afford to wait much longer so I feel I had better get after it before I rust any further into the dirt. Gabi also sent me a cheerful card pointing up my age, and reminding me that I have friends all over! thank you, all! 61 is not that old, but that old guy that looks back at me in the mirror is starting to worry me, specially in the morning... Love, Dad.... My Doctor says I'm in "great shape" for a guy nearing 90....

Yipee a 3 day weekend. Sending birthday wishes to Papa Wight. :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Stay cool and a enjoy a fun creative weekend, hugs...

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