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Babies! In all colors and sizes! They need a big kiss on their sweet heads.

Oh yes, Dan, I vote for the COWLENDAR, too!!! How fun that would be! The beautiful Dexters, in all their glory!!!
Dan, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! And I'm sure Lori appreciates the red door for her quilt shop. That will make a grand entrance!
I love your GrandDad's advice, as he's VERY RIGHT. I think life would be AWFUL without a good sense of humor! You have certainly acquired a great one, and Anna has as well. She's such a dear person, and one I know you are proud of! And she's lucky to have a Dad like you. Have a FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY Monday!!! :D

To those that dont know, or care, I was born ,yup, on labor day, mother was not amused, in 1950 so tomorrow is another bummer of a day...61 another decade begins and one shot to h.... I look at life with a Montana sense of humor (dry) I'm usually the butt of my own jokes, so they have to be subtle as I bruse easily. Michele, My granddad once told me as a boy,"look at life with a little humor everyday, nobody likes a sourpuss" I'm grin"in so I'm painting the quiltshop door RED today for my wife. Oh, by the way I think Anna should do a whole year issue and call it a "Cowlender" of bovine bliss...or not Love, Dad

Moooooooooo :) Hope Lee brings some rain your way! Xyron is sitting at the PO while we enjoy the long weekend- it's giving me a reason to be excited for the start of the week. LOL!

Bovines are Beautiful!!! LOVE the cows, great photos! I need to change the month on my Anna calendar, too! :D
I saw that TX was under 100* today! I hope it is cooler where you are. It was brisk this morning here, and boy~~did that feel GOOD!!!
We have 70s forecast for highs all week, and I CANNOT WAIT! Maybe I will come back to life!
Have a GREAT week! Hugs to Cricket! :-)

So many talents, Anna. You are such a diverse lady. So cool to be able to see it all. Thanks for all the work you do to share it with us. Stay inside and be creative right now, and beat that heat!! Happy Birthday to DW tomorrow. Don't worry about the guy in the mirror. I recently read about a 75 yr old lady who complained to a friend "I never had wrinkles until I had catarac surgery!!" So just take out the contacts or pull off the glasses and the guy in the mirror will look a whole lot less scary!! If you don't wear either yet--I'M IMPRESSED!! That's what I do anyway!! Are you feelin' better yet?!! (grin)

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