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Wow! What great pics! SO glad to read that you got some rain today. I bet you are both smiling a lot not to mention the animals :) Take care, Liz

Wow! Truly amazing photo's. I love watching lightening storms.

These are absolutely amazing...stunning!!! It reminds me of those balls you see in museums where you touch the ball and the electrical currents rise up to meet your hand. How did you ever get the timing so perfect? Thanks for sharing!

Anna - these are STUNNING!!!!!


Awesome in the truest sense of the word!

WoW!! These are amazing!! What a light show!!

Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing!

wow...your lightening pics are great...thank you for sharing and thanks for sharing a how to!!!

Epic awesomeness again! Your favorite is also mine, but for a different reason. I like the way the cloud, though ominous and dark, looks so soft and billowy. Got to love it's layers too! :)

You've brought us home to Texas for the second week in a row, Anna with a ride through Texas farmland and now, an amazing light show. No heart stopping stop sign moments here, but lots of AWE!!! Me and DH oooohed and awwwwed over your amazing shots.

Awesome pictures as usual!

Robert & I couldn't stop staring at your photos last night. They are so beautiful!

It totally reminds me of t-storms in Montana. Sigh... :)

Amazing! You took some great photos! :)

Anna, I like to sit outside and watch a good midwest thunder storm when I can. I like the whole storm with the distinct smell of the ozone from the lightening, the lightening show, the rain the cleans the air, and usually the cooler temperatures. I always wondered how pictures of the lightening strikes were taken. It makes sense to just open the shutter in the dark and wait for the lightening to strike. You really got some awesome pictures from the storm. I wish that you had gotten more rain. You folks in Texas have had a really tough time this year. I'd heard that the cattle feeders were selling off their cattle because the cost of far away hay for feed was just costing too much so I expect before too long meat prices will soar along with everything else.

I hope the next storm brings more rain than a quarter inch. Have the best day that you can.

gnarly! The bulb trick is a good one. One of the best things I have on the old Minolta that you rubbed the finish off of in college. It looks like the folks across the road had a hot time on the patio that evening. I hope the volunteer fire boys had the tanks full. we've been having to turn on the heaters in the house. Bummer, summer's over.......Love, Dad

WOW!!!! Those are fantastic, I am just amazed at how awesome they are!!!! Can't believe I sleep through that, really glad you took pics.lol
I definitely see postcards after the weather we have had here it's hard to believe that's Milford, Texas.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. i just said this summer that i'm adding 'get a photo of lightening' to my bucket list, b/c i feel like i'll never get it! You are truly amazing!!! not sure which is my favorite. they are all great!!!

Your skills as a photographer astonish me - regularly! I love these lightening strike shots! WOW
Thanks for sharing!

Wow Anna!! As someone who has tried to take pics of lightning, I am truly impressed!!! They are awesome!
I am looking at them on my little iPhone screen, can't wait to see them on my desktop!!!
Great work!!!

great photos! No 4433 looks like two people dancing.

Wow! These are amazing! Lightning is fascinating, gorgeous, and so scary! I love it!

"not too bad." *snicker* You are so modest! :) Thanks for the tip about the shutter, but what on earth is a bulb setting?????? I am looking forward to the day when cameras are voice-activated. I'll say, "Now, take a nice photo of the lightning!"
Wish it had given you more rain. *sigh*

Yes, I DID enjoy the show - very much! That's one thing we don't often get around here, and I miss it. Your photos are phenomenal!

Yes, I DID enjoy the show - very much! That's one thing we don't often get around here, and I miss it. Your photos are phenomenal!

Impressive. You did a great job of capturing a little bit of God's handiwork.

Great photos Anna! Love it!!


Anna, these are amazing photos. I have never been able to capture a lightening storm but you did it. Absolutely awesome pics. Thanks so much for sharing.


What fabulous photos Anna! I love a good lightening show, however we just don't get those around here. Thanks for sharing.

Central Plains have great lightning shows, but Central Florida is no slouch, either. Awesome pics, Anna.

OMG these are wonderful photos. I put your favorite one on my desktop. Thanks for sharing :)

WOW !!!!

Amazing! Gotta love Mother Nature! Thank you for sharing!

Glad I'm seeing it from the comfort of my home! Not a fan of lightning. Your photos are beautiful, though.

Anna - these are marvelous storm photos! Thanks so much for generously sharing your tip about holding down the shutter button for 15 - 20 seconds. I love the colors you so expertly captured. I hope Mister Farley is doing better now.

OMG, did your hair stand on end????

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