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Would love to know where you got the copic storage, your room is lovely!

Yay! I guessed your new goody was your marker racks! That card is PERFECT for your dog-trainer friend! Doggy is adorable! Will he also be a stamp?!

Your Craft room is "to die for and gone to heaven" goodness.
Love your Dog Trainer card, totally adorable. I'm also happy to hear that you are not in the Fire danger.

So cute...she'll LOVE it! :)

Having experienced severe Anna-Craftroom-Envy already, I noticed the new marker storage immediately! LOL I'm glad to find someone else who ROYGBIVs everything, too. I know your pencil case was a special retail display, too... where do you keep finding such cool stuff?! =)

All the colors are SO beautiful...love the system! Great Copic storage, and love the pencil rack, too. I have many similar cubbies and drawers in my room! (well, right now everything is in boxes, but...) I hope I can get my room set up some day. I'm going crazy with all the things to unpack and no one to help me. :( Hope you'll share the source for your Copic storage! :D
The doggie art is GORGEOUS! She will LOVE it. And you really DO need to make that into a stamp! TOO CUTE~!!!

Forsooth! All of that organization had me mystified!

I'm in love with Copics so marker storage was my first guess. Please provide the link! I was about to order Copic cubbies but I like these better!

Cute puppy training card! LOVE it! Have thought of you with the fires but remembered you guys not being too close -- yet; do have friends in Austin though, worried for them. When DD danced in the Irish Dance National Championships one year they were in Orlando -- when central FL was burning, she went to USD and had to evacuate when San Diego was burning -- and she's looking at UT for Women's Studies! At least she's not there now!
You SO have to give up the source for the retail storage or you'll be crashing google any minute now! LOL! Bestests, Mary
PS, visiting friends in Italy this summer I told them about your garden burning.

Wonderful organization! Love, love, Love the Copic marker storage unit and you got that where? You are such a sweet gal - sure your friend will LOVE the doggy sketch, but you rocked it too with the easel. You always go above and beyond! :)

It only took a milisecond to figure it out....ya, right.... few people can put an entire art supply store in one 12 x 16 room!I think I know where this talent comes from......Ma says."stay outa my fabric stash!" What room is that? I say, they're all exploding!! I feel another fly rod in my future or maybe a new motor for the Jon boat. WOW! look at all that color, it reminds me of a Van Gogh painting with more zip......... Love, Dad

Oooo I love your craft space! And I love your new copic holder, especially as it looks just like mine hee hee! That card is so sweet- I hope you release him as an image!

I also crave froot loops after looking at this...and lifesavers hee hee

Hi Anna! Be still my heart regarding the marker display rack. Love how all the pretty colors are grouped together. And.....now that you mention it, Fruit Loops sound really tasty! I've already had Pop Tarts and frosted bite-sized Mini Wheats - so why not Fruit Loops? LOL!

Want to know too...link please...both storage THK ...and yes your puppy card is soo cute!

I'm curious what it is you are using for your colored pencils and where did you get it? I have serious pencil holder envy! (Mine are currently being held in a starbucks 4 pack box.)

Wonderful storage for those pens. I am just getting my new space organized. Love the puppy card, and I will wait for you to share the easel directions, I love that idea!

Wow, I wish I could get myself that organized! There is not one inch of blank space on my craft table right now but one of these days I'll find some time to get it in shape.

Your puppy-dog card w/ the easel is adorable!

WOW, I did pick out the storage rack as a possiblity! What fun to have so many markers and pencils to create with. I have a VERY small supply. Hmmmm Christmas wishing (hint-hint family) My craft room is large and the supplies tend to be scattered about. Not at arms length. COOL craft desk/work station. Sure would be a fun place to play. Not sure I would ever get anything else done if I had that in my home ;)
What a fun easel card and complete with an original Anna W. drawing. She is so going to love this.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, hugs....

Nice space! I love how all the important things are right there and easy to put away when done. Your card is super cute!

Love the cute pup pic ;)
Meanwhile, I have *serious* craft room envy - so organised!!

No link to where you got that pen rack? I could use one. Love the card!

Oh my goodness....can I come and live in your craft room? It's so organized!!! LOVE the easel card!!! Gorgeous work~

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