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Hmmm!! Well, I already told you what happened with the great spot I tucked my labels into!! I find we are "stuffed" to death!! I would rather just spend time and have a meal, but then I find the PERFECT gift for just one of my loved ones and have to think what I can give the rest. I do know shorthand so I can leave my list lying around where I can hopefully find it and nobody knows. They just know that when it's in shorthand it's because it's something they aren't supposed to know!!

P.S.: your penguin is absolutley ADORABLE, and I LOVE it! As always, the coloring is unreal. GORGEOUS! I just had to tell you I love it. :D

Wow, I feel so pathetic, seeing all the comments here! I DO make lists, I love lists; the thing is, getting the things DONE that are ON the list! I have trouble with that;) Your "shorthand" truly cracked me up...that was quite a language you developed!! LOL And I too have hidden gifts and found them later. However, I do not make Xmas cards early, usually never, even though I have a bazillion Xmas stamps that are gorgeous. I think I need to manage my time more judiciously! :D

95' here in sunny NorCal today!! So I feel your pain! :) BFF just showed me her start on homemade gifts. ACK!!! ALready?!!?? Haven't even started thing about it. Oyyyiieee!! Lists and me..... Not so good. I make the list and then promtly set it aside, forgetting all about it.

What in the world were you writing?! So funny . . . and tragic. Sometimes I make lists, but I don't encrypt them--I just hide them somewhere. I kind of purchase presents whenever I find them, and I'm always on the lookout for good ones. But I'm bad about making homemade gifts, which you do and which takes hours and means tons to the recipients. Love your gifted penguin!

I'm a list maker but I don't seem to lose them... sometimes I make them in a conputer document. I'm also a "stasher" and I will buy gifts ahead of time and then stash them away in a "safe place." The problem is that the safe place is so safe that I can't remember where it is most of the time... makes life interesting!

Yep, another list maker sheepishly raising hand in the back of the room. :) and Planners... oh, I have to stay away from office supply stores or any store that carries planners.... love them.... i use them a lot for a few months, then i put them some where and want to buy another one... if i let myself i would have 4-5 per year! I love to make gift list, but rarely stick to them or accomplish them... if you're a list maker and a gadget haver too.... there is an app called
'COZI' LOVE IT!!! Family shared lists and calendars... i need to find my ipod!

i have a serious question for you though... think back to when you first started using Copic markers... how did you start!? I know you have several hundred now, but how did you take the first leap to get addicted? i see them, and just haven't taken the bite out of the wallet for my first few, cuz i know i will want bunches more. so, where do you suggest to start?

Your faithful follower in PA.... Yvonne

Lists - funny topic. I just saw that Sarah Jessica Parker movie, "I Don't Know How She Does It", and her character couldn't sleep at night for all the lists she was making in her head. Granted, I don't have kids or a husband, but I don't lose sleep over lists - that defeats the idea: make lists whenever you feel anxious, then you can relax. I'm going through a phase where I just do the lists and get almost NOTHING done from them. I've made a preliminary Christmas list that is actually still possible to finish, but watch me not finish! I still say it would be more practical to start on next Christmas right AFTER this Christmas, when the pressure is off, but the holiday mood is still there with snow (in some states) and decorations.

Anna - I'm still wishing you some of our cool MN weather - can't believe it's still that hot for you when we northeners are enjoying 50s, 60s and turning leaves.

Well now I don't feel so bad about my lists. I have several different lists and they are in different notebooks and on the lists are post-it notes with ideas or important information that I just don't have time to transfer to the list. Every year I promise myself that I will be more prepared for the next year so that I can actually enjoy December and some of the festivities, but...it just doesn't happen because I am in a mad rush to finish the 300+ Christmas cards I make for myself and my family to send out and of course we now make all homemade gifts for our exchange. Well, off to rivise my lists....87 days till Christmas!!

Ha ha...I am an insane list maker! I'm also very adept at losing them! Christmas lists are very easy here, as our family is very small - love your code!

I do lists. Not a whole lot. I could use more! I'd probably end up losing them as you talk about! Love your code list that even you couldn't figure out! lol Makes me soooooooooo happy that I'm not the only one who does funny things! LOVE your little penguin image!

You crack me! "This was a really bad idea." ROTFLMBO! XO!

I loooooooooooooooooove lists. And rewriting them. Sometimes making and remaking lists is lots more fun than doing what's on the lists! =) Spring-cleaning household chore lists are great when you feel inspired and want to feel really accomplished which you achieve as you cross things out. If you're a procrastinator, make the list as detailed as possible and revise several times to get every detail just so. Then you're so busy making the list you don't feel guilty about not doing the work on the list. Hee hee

Christmas lists are the best lists of all though. I have my preliminary list of people and what are they interested in/what are my initial thoughts. Then I get to rewrite the list into a revised version with more specific ideas. I will end up with several more revisions including finally including er, budgetary considerations. LOL This year I will get to group the list into make vs buy as this is my first real crafty Christmas. =)

I am a re-list maker. You see, I will make a list, only cross off 3 things, and then have 5 left. I feel anxious about that list, so I make a new one and add 3 things to the original 5 that carried over. Somehow those 3 new things get done, and I am left with the same 5 horrible things that are constantly recycled such as "clean out attic", or "Go through old clothes", or "organize photos". Those are so monumental, that I think I should just write "go ONLY through that one red rubbermaid of clothes" so as not to overwhelm myself. OR, solution 2, reserve lists for papercrafting items that I want to buy soon, the end!

When our 3 boys were growing up, not only did I make lists, but I used to buy presents ahead of time, and have to find "new" hiding places. And of course, I'd forget where some of these hiding places were. In fact, last week I "found" some peppermint bark in the back of the freezor! Brussels sprouts boxes are great hiding places.

Guilty as charged. I keep an Excel spreadhseet that lists recipients' names and intended gift. Adjacent to each individual's name is the budgeted amount and to the right of that there's an Actuals column that ultimately reflects the end price. This way I can see if I stayed within my budget or whether I exceeded it. If the item is to be bought online, the far right column includes the link to the item. My spreadsheet includes tabs for previous years dating back to 2001 so I can track what I've given previously and preclude any duplications. And yes, this year's Christmas shopping is complete. The drawback of being finished this early is that I will invariably see "pretty" things as we get closer to Christmas and have to fight the desire to keep spending.

I make lists and then remake the lists to come out the way I want them to - like budget type lists... doesn't work well however. I have lists for all sorts of things and like you can never find them when I need them. Or, I find a list and wonder why the heck I made the list in the first place. Maybe I need to make a list to explain all the other lists...

Oh Anna! You made me laugh out loud this morning - what a great way to start my day!

Yes, I've started - but I have a good excuse because I'm also planning a wedding (12/30) and need to get Christmas handled and out of the way.

Yes, I make lists and yes, I lose them. But I must confess I've never written one in code! That is SO funny!!


Oh Anna, I laughed out loud reading this, you are so ME !!! I have list everywhere. Usually in the washer and dryer!?!? When I find those I panic. What did I write on it that I can no longer read and was it important? I have made grocery and shopping lists for myself and forgot my code, too *big grin* I tend to shop year round, then hide it away. Uh-oh where did I put that? I really try to have the cards made and ready to post right after Halloween. TRY to anyway. :)

I am a list-maker and I buy things all year long but always end up not done in December and have to do some power buying. We always go to my family in Washington State for Christmas so I leave those gifts to purchase in Washington or order online and have them sent there.

List maker extraorndinaire!! I have lists everywhere... Already made my Christmas gift lists, menu, and have a bunch of lists for our Canadian Thanksgiving in two weeks.

I even have four gifts bought!!

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