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Very clever! Love the card.

Heehee! Cute!

Hee hee! I wondered if there was a reason (other than cuteness) for the various scenes. Did you write your clever sentiment on the inside? :) Awesome card and coloring!

Ha! I'll bet he loved it!!!

You're a clever gal! Love the card! Hope Mr. John has a wonderful celebration!

Love your clever card even if the "ewe" is a little gender challenged. Happy birthday to both Dads.

OH!! How fun, Anna!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and I even deciphered it before I read your written sentiment!! As for the ewe with horns--creative license covers all!!! I can't remember which computer animated movie it was in the past couple of years that had a very deep and low masculine voiced cow complete with full pink udder in it!!! Being a dairy girl for the past 21 yrs, I picked it up right away which is sayin something since I'm not always the quickest turtle on the uptake!! It has been the cause of some very rigorous teasing at my expense in the past,too--boo, hoo for me!!! :) Ah well, I'm heading back upstairs to take the corn off the cobs. I just peeked in and saw your storage video links and had to sneek in a peek before tending to those cobs!! Lots of great ideas--thanks so much for sharing them~hugs ;0)

Ok, this has to be the funniest card EVER! :)

This is the CUTEST!

Do you ever conduct design team calls? I would love to design for you!

How fun! Happy Birthday to Dad!!

Very clever!

Hey farm girl, I dont believe what I see in this really cute card...... a mistake, sho nuf a mistake Ma says what's with the knitting goat? I says hey, Ewe's dont have horns either but i'm partial to old goats so I forgive you for putting horns on a lady sheep. I sure do know how John loves them riding lawn mowers tho. Maybe it's a Nanny goat with a bleach job. Very catchy! I hope the cake was a whacky cake they're my absolute favorite...... Yummy! Love, Dad
Oh Oh, I better get busy and send him a sympathy card. us old farts gotta stick together. After I hit half a century all gliltz and glamor sorta rusted up with the birthday scene.

Bahahahaaaaa that cracked me up too!!! So funny, happy birthday to Alan's dad!!

What a great card for John! Happy Birthday Big Guy!

What a fun card, I bet he loved it! (How fun both Dad's have Birthdays so close together.) Hugs....

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