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How fun! I love seeing what you do on the farm. And it warms my heart whenever I see you loving up a little one who needs extra care (e.g., Lucy and little Cricket in the house).

Hi Anna ~ thanks for the Farm update ~ I can't believe how big the baby cows are already! And thank you for including BB Betty :) I swear they must smell each and every piece of food that comes on the farm LOL

Always love to see what it's like down on the farm! Cooooookies!

Thanks for sharing your life on the farm. I love hearing about it.

Always fun to see what's happening on the farm. Wonderful photo's of the critters but where are the farm kitties?

I was suprised to see some green leaves in the background on some trees.
Thanks for the great photos, esp of Pixie sticking out her tongue.
Any rain yet?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the farm report! That expression on Lucy's face is priceless. :D I have a soft spot in my heart for cattle...so precious. Thanks for the look into your feeding time!

I love your cute critter updates. Cows have such pretty faces! But I guess it's cause I love all things furry! It looks like you have very happy well cared for animals. Thanks for sharing them with us.

They all looks os content when the hay is served up! Lucy's cow cookie face looks like the men at my house when they smell fresh cookies! LOL. Hugs all around.

Love to see the animals! :-) How often do they get one of those big bales of hay?

Thanks for the farm animal update. I love looking at all of your sweet critters. Definitely looks like a lot of work getting them all fed & cared for. Hugs.

Hi Sherri,
The barnyard and feed areas always looks extra dry and trampled this time of year ... but the pastures are nearly barren now as well, from the drought.


Those are some GREAT photo's! I noticed the fields in the foreground of some of the shots looks really dry. Was something harvested or is that from your drought??

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