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She's sooooo sweet and makes such wonderful little cheeps. You may be sad to put her outside.

Anna, I just love checking out your blog and watching your animal videos. Cricket is so cute! I have a stressful job so when I need a break from reality, I go watch one of your adorable critter videos. Thanks for sharing!

Cricket is beautiful!! What kind is she? My niece just started with chickens and I think she would love one like Cricket.

Ohhh, now I want a house chicken ;) Cute little 'kisses' for the camera.

Oh, she's grown SO much! And she's SO pretty...I'm VERY glad you saved her from her Momma! What a precious little house chicken! :D And quite a talkative one, too! :D Loved the video.

My how Cricket has grown and what a pretty bird. How much fun you must have with her? Or is she a he??? Just as I was opening your email with cricket's video, my two cats brought a cricket - a real cricket - to me. Bugs of any kind haven't a chance of surviving in my house. This afternoon I received 1 1/4" of rain east of Stephenville and I watched the storm move on east/southeast and wondered if you were getting rain. Hope so! So enjoy seeing and reading about your animals. Thanks for sharing. DottienTX

She is so sweet! I love her little song - and she made me laugh with her pecking the camera! Thanks for sharing -

Cricket is beautiful! I've never seen a chicken as pretty as she is. But being from NJ, I don't see a lot of chickens... :-)

Cricket is adorable with such a soothing *voice* :o) I'm totally jealous altho I still have my fav pal Betty in my heart ♥
I'm curious too, how will you reintroduce her to the group when she's big enough? xo

DH and I got a morning grin watching Cricket have a chat and visit with you, Anna. You have such a heart for critters and it shows. Looks like she just loves you and I know the feeling is mutual. Thanks for sharing the video fun. Even tho' I'm pathetic at it, I love some of the great things that technology brings to us; this is one of them~hugs

Cricket is so very precious! And cute! Love the video!

I would love a house chicken! She is so cute, and very entertaining, not to mention well behaved. Thanks for sharing Anna :)

You've had a couple chicks in the past years in your house. Do they ever go through separation anxiety from you? No, I'm serious because it seems like it would be a big transition!

Cricket is so pretty, and just a sweet heart....I think she needs to stay a house chicken...she doesn't know she is a bird, she thinks she's a human!

Oh what a lovely little lady! Hope going from small box to giant world doesn't scare the spit out of her. I vote with the others for house chick.

So cute. Love her sweet little peeps.

I loved watching this! She is so sweet!

She's quite the ham & very well behaved. It's going to be hard to put her out with the other chickens. I think you better teach her to do some stamping & keep her inside!

my little boy loved watching your video, he is in early education for speech so it was great to hear him say the words chicken thanks for sharing

Such a pretty face! And gorgeous feathers. Thank you for sharing this.

Oh, Anna! She just gets cuter and cuter all the time. :) I'd keep her as a house chicken. Well, I wouldn't because I'm allergic to birds, but I think *you* should. :) She's not much bigger than a parrot, and really, who wants to go outside in this heat? My friend Kim has a silkie that is with her all the time. If she puts her down, she just stays by her feet.

Anna, Cricket is adorable, love her little bloomers. Thanks for sharing!

You two will miss each other when she goes out to the chicken house.

So Sweet! Love the closeup of "her" feathers and eyes. Thanks Anna. :)

Good Morning Anna and Cricket. What a sweet wonderful way to start my Friday. :) Hope your day is fabulous, hugs....

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