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Great video. Nice tunes. Good foot notes. Do more of these and I won't tip the fuzz about your lead foot.

Hey Anna!! I enjoyed the ride; thanks!!! I did suck all the air outta the truck at one point tho'!! We were traveling along nicely and I saw the car whiz past on a cross street and then I saw our stop sign. At 3x time, I thought Alan was going right on through,and it about stopped my heart!!! I gotta go get a drink (even if it is just apple juice!! Ha, Ha!!) Really enjoyed the music too. Have you ever listened to Alison Kraus? Hugs~

Texas looks alot like Missouri, except of course...Texas is bigger. lol

fantastic video, the land is so flat!!!! where's the mountains LOL, I'm from the Blue Ridge Mt. of VA!

Thanks for the tour Anna. Now I can say I've been to Texas vicariously through your video. And, just how fast were you going? It felt like you were flying along.

Enjoyed the trip and the music. Milford looks charming!

Thanks for the ride! :D

Cool video! The sunset was gorgeous. Amazed by how dry everything looks, but how rich the turned over soils of the farmland appears. It's pretty flat there! Well, I had never been to Texas before today...TFS your little neck of the woods!!!

Your roads are so straight!! (mostly). Even though we've just got back from two weeks in France, it still felt to me as if you were on the wrong side of the road ;-). I enjoyed the music and the ride.

Weeee what a ride. Actually the truck (I assume it is a truck) rides very nicely! :) Your part of the country really doesn't look all that differant from ours. Crops are being harvested here. Autumn at it's best. Have a serene Sunday, hugs....

Are we there yet? LOL! I felt every bump! TFS.

That was FUN!! I love traveling - even if it's just online :)

Thanks for the video. I LOVE the heartland. Even the miles and miles of vast nothingness...I love it all.

I inspect nursing homes in Central Texas and I love traveling through those Texas farm towns. That area around Milford is so pretty. Thanks for sharing it.

That sure was fun! I feel like I just got off a roller coaster at the State Fair. Now where's the cotton candy? Now I'll be able to find your place when we come a visitin'. Milford is charming - like something straight out of the 50's. Funnel cake anyone?

I'm still reeling. That was quite the ride.
Wow! That's what I call reality TV. LOL

LOVE the video!! Reminded me of when we visited relatives (way back 50 years ago) in rural Illinois. There was a "bump" in the road and we always waited anxiously for that part of the drive. Wheee!

Mercy Me! I'm so homesick now!!!!

Hey, you got music! That was a pretty sunset. And it was like riding a rollercoaster when y'all turned off roads, ha ha! :)

Yep, pretty much looks like the way I remember central Texas looking. You learned how to add music! Yaaaay!

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