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GAW, that is just SO UNFAIR!!! Enough already! I know you must feel like it will NEVER end. I would. Let's hope it can't last much longer. UGH UGH UGH...
Adorable gift from your friend! How fun. I can just smell the spiciness wafting thru your studio! Hopefully it made you forget the heat.
Have a great week! More ice water foot baths in the forecast! :( Some day it HAS to end. Someday.

Fall's right around the corner. In PA, I was outside the other evening and we had some brush burning, and it was a little bit cool, so all of that together made it smell like fall... my favorite time of year. There is a little bright spot in your forecast... possibly a little rain?, unfortunately if it's a thunder-boomer, it'll probably come down hard and fast and run off and not sink in, not that your poor garden could be saved. Sending cool thoughts your way!

It could hit 90 here, but I wont hold my breath about it. 53 this morning at 8:00am. Nice card! but is fall is nearly here? please not that soon, Mom starts school monday. The Pinks are running in the Skagit so it must be true, and I'm still working on her quilt shop... here comes the rain.. or dont you wish..not me, yet......Sure glad I dont live on the eastern seaboard this week! Hang on tight folks!.....Love, Dad

Sigh. Remember the temps back in Inland Northwest. Very hot during the day, but cool at night. A dry heat, too. At least the end is in sight. Sept. not that far away and then October, when it really starts to cool off, if we're lucky. Love your card with the cool autumn colors and fussy cutting.

I got my stamps in the mail a couple days ago! :) you are FAST! Thanks! What a darling card! Love the rich fall colors! That's quite the forecast you have there! Wow, hang in there. In NC here we felt that earth quake the other day and were so surprised! We're from California and were quite used to them, but really didn't expect one here! Now we're on hurricane watch. What a world. Can't believe folks are still debating global warming!

Your card is darling; the forecast--not so much. Love how you colored your little bear in the pumpkin and the nice, fall colors you chose. May fall come quickly!

Love your cute card! I don't think I could survive all that heat, man that's HOT! We don't get much of that in NH.

sorry but Phoenix has had 110 and above for the past ten days. yesterday was 115. So maybe we could cry together. love the card.

The card is adorable! :) As for the weather, well, thank God for a/c!

Cute image and card, great scentsy smells but the weather stinks for you!!

Cute, cute card- reminds me a bit of Tigger from Winne the Pooh! The heat really stinks- we just moved from Houston to Atlanta and it feels much cooler here, even in their "hottest" summer- I had to laugh! Sending wet, cool thoughts your way:)

Cute card - you'd never know you altered the bear.

As for the warmer, save money on electricity and just put it near an open window. That would melt the wax quickly! I'm soooo ready for Fall. I'm always ready for Fall.

Teh card is delightful!
The scentsy warmer and fragrance chices, perfect.
Ugh, it is going to be just above 90 today and I was feeling blue/limp. Not now... Poor you and Alan and all those critters. Will this miserable weather ever cease? Very Soon, I hope.

I love your card. Your coloring is perfect as always. As for your forecast.....DON'T LOOK! That is incredible....I don't know if I could endure that. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

What a little cutie and I love how you color your images. My favorite time of year is the fall and todays trip to get groceries they have already put out the candy corn and ginger snap cookies so the autumn season is right around the corner. Can't wait for the weather to turn cool either.

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