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What fun to read all of the suggestions! I have loved all of the girl stamps you've done. Have you done a chicken riding a bicycle? How about a chicken in running shoes? Tee hee--that makes me laugh thinking about it. I also love the suggestion from AL Wight to do a mama hen with her egg or baby chick in a blanket. That would be awesome for baby cards.

How about horses, nothing too cutsie or childist. Also would like to see racing stamps, with accessories and some sayings.

I think you should draw a picture of yourself jumping up and down on the ground smashing your thermometer!

On the other hand...you know I like pet stamps, and while I really like breed-specific stamps, I think generics sell better. I would also like to see more Texas wildflower stamps. And if you could some up with a set of stamps I could use to make cards for men like your dad and my husband, that would be AWESOME!

I have several mini Schnauzers. Would love to see them on ink and paper! :)

The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals! I would LOVE to see them done in your style!!! But, I realize, probably not much of a demand for them... ;-(

Well Anna, looks like you'll be going to the dogs ~ ha ha! When you do, remember that the doggie venue would be sorely lacking without a MAX!

A momma chicken holding an egg wrapped in a baby blanket. . . . "Great Egg-spectations"

We too have a mini schnauzer and would love to have a cute stamp!

I'm ALL for your chickens,(I already own many of them). LOVE your dad's idea and a few of the others as well. I would like to see some chicken sentiments to go with your images. (maybe a sentiment cling set?)
* Happy Hen's Day
* What the cluck?
* What's scratchin'?
* Happy Birthday from the whole coup! (group)
* From our coop to yours
* Baaawwkk!! Baaawwkk!! Cackle, Cackle!
* It's been ages since we've baaawwkked!!
* Lay one on me!
* You're such a chick magnet!
* Time to party on your bird-day, so let's shake and bake!!
* You ruffle my feathers!
* From one chick to another
* Oh, for peep's sake!
* Your coop or mine?

OH... and my mom has been looking for a nice, plain barn... nothing over the top. She asks every year at the Judith booth (at the Expo) and they say, "Nope, not yet." Go figure because they have a lot of farm-themed stamps! :)

I'd love to see a cute rhino. Long story, but we love them at my house, and they are HARD to find. I asked someone at the Stamps by Judith booth at the Scrapbook Expo in St. Charles, and they said they HAD one, but it got retired and that he didn't even think that had any more at all in stock. I hardly see them, but your style is so cute, that if you made one it would be the "dream" one I have been looking for!

a goat -no beard or horns!

HI-I second/third the dog suggestions. I have been looking for dog stamps..not too cartoony, but not real looking either. we have a mini schnauzer, so any of the cute terrier type faces/bodies would be great. I imagine a stamp line of lots of generic dogs would be big sellers?? Thanks for asking. Love your tutorials and cards!

How about some cute but not too cutesie honeybees? And their hives? And maybe a beekeeper in a bee suit? with hat/veil?

My other hobby is beekeeping and I love bees, love to do programs on them. But I get annoyed with bees depicted as males. Every been you have ever seen is 99.9% likely to be female. They are the workers. The queen is female. Of the 20,000-60,000 bees in a hive fewer than 1% are likely to be drones (male), whose only purpose is to mate with the queen one time in her life.

So. Something between the science-y life-like bee and the too cutesie bee, style-wise, would be sooooooo cool! And some accoutrements, too!

Thanks, sweetie!

Oh, I love your Dad's suggestion! And I'm seeing suggestions for things you have ALREADY drawn! They need to check W.S. individual stamps! hehe
I have to ask for a Goldendoodle dog, since their personality and your style go so well together! They are such fun, crazy, bouncy dogs, with lots of fur/hair! haha And I'm always a pushover for cats and cows...and your ducks are so precious, too! You should do a stamp of your poofy headed duck! :D

I love all your stamps. I noticed someone else said an English Springer Spaniel - I would love that as I have a goofy one of my own. I'd also love an old station wagon - 50's style. Thanks so much.

I am with most of your readers when I say that I LOVE dogs, especially English Bulldogs!! Fat,slobbering, snorting, farting English Bulldogs! They are such big babies but everyone wants to make them look ferocious!! Can we get one that is just funny and cute? Would love that! I also love scenic stamps!! Thanks for asking and looking at the posts, you have lots of work ahead of you!!! Maybe it will be a LONG cold winter and you will have plenty of time to draw!!

I would love a great dane harlequin stamp!

Please don't stop drawing chickens cuz you are the best at them! Agree with others that I would love to see some goats drawn! We raised boar goats as our kids showed them in 4-H. Dogs in different breeds, but I am partial to our Briard! Also cats! Still love the "country" theme in which you draw and I wouldn't change any of that! Thanks for the opportunity to even give feedback! That's awesome!!

My niece's show cattle at a few fairs and in other show's. A girl showing a steer or heifer or even a bull! Thanks for asking :)

I have a yorkie. Don't see any cute yorkie stamps! His ears stay up all the time and his expressions are funny. He wieghs 7 1/2 lbs. Hes at the groomer right now, hes a boy and his name is Ziggy. Maybe dog grooming too. Maybe his front bangs in rollers. Your stamps are all adorable!

Dogs..big dogs,fat dogs,little dogs. weiner dog..dogs..I also live in the mountains and can never find stamps with a camping theme with racoons,bears,skunks and deers etc...would be fun..Thanks for asking..

lots of good suggestions and I LOVE all of your stamps already..how about a deer scene/something "kind of" manly,,maybe w/a twist on it for hunting..hard to find good "guy stamps"..

I'd love to see your rendition of a horse! I had horses growing up and now my daughter is deeply in love with them as well (much to my husband's chagrin, hehe).

Something I think has been missing in any company's portfolio--an image that can do a handstand or cartwheel. Cartwheel especially. You know something like a bear with his hands over his head that you could reposition in frames to turn a cartwheel--congratulations, you did it, woooo hoo, let the good times roll, etc.

Just love all your ceations! I have a lot of neighbors that walk their dog and dogs, so maybe something like that.

would love to see barns and maybe a saltbox house and willow tree and sheep in your style; would also love to see some landscape stamps from the perspective of a hot air balloon so they could be used in that way... whatever you draw will be awesome...love your style of stamps!

how about a toothfairy? a toothfairy chicken would be awesome!!!

I can't think of a specific image, but when I look at purchasing a stamp, I always ask myself, "How many different uses or occasions will I be able to use this stamp?" I can't see spending money on a stamp that will only work for one thing since I'd hardly use that stamp. Versatility is key with me! Hope that imput helps

Your stamps are terrific. Please, something with musical notes or piano would be so cheerful!

I love all of your images and own several. How about llamas, or cockatiels.

A tractor
A barrel of flowers
A basket of veggies
A basket of eggs
A little farm girl with a basket

It was moms first day of the new school year today. I think that with the start of school that there should be a school teaching hen and a flock of chicks, not unlike what you have published before, taking a lesson from the teacher. Maybe a chick or two could be about to get into trouble for fidgeting about or playing with crayons...... Oh the joys of back to school? Love, Dad.... 72 is the forecast for Wednesday! Cool.

I would love a cute dog with one ear up and the other down like our Cabo. Keep up your wonderful work!

Like so many others, I adore your images and own dozens of your stamps. I'd love to see a kayak (being paddled by a chicken?) and also anything with a wedding theme (probably NOT involving a chicken!) Keep up the wonderful work, Anna!

There are lots of good suggestions already. I know that what ever you do we willl LOVE it! I am partial to hedgehogs, moose and dragonflies. :0) Hugs...

Our ideas for new stamps are : Little girl with kitties, boy with puppies, chipmunk with cheeks full, butterfly on kitties nose. Thank you . hope you pick ours. Love , love ,love your stamps

How about a teacher stamp behind a desk
a girl with a lab and a chicken
track/cross country runner
an English springer spaniel
a patch of iris flowers

can't wait to see what all you come up with..

hmmm... lets see what can I think of.... how about a DONKEY... snort LOL you know that was what I had to ask for!! But the goat sounds cute too :0)

You could draw the dictionary, and I'd buy it. I just love your style. :O)

And, I happen to love the dictionary, too!

Speaking about spring chickens - I would like to see one geared to older but spry folk, racing down the road in their wheel chairs, or their zooming scooters. Chicken folks of course.

a beagle - and a cute wedding stamp...all the ones I've seen are too fussy and serious...

Well, since you asked...how about some dachshunds. Would love to see some cute renditions of wiener dogs.

Got my thinkin' cap on...how about a window with open shutters and a flower box. You use to do sets of stamps and maybe you could use seasonal flowers for the window box and a couple of different doodads to hang in the window? That way you could use the window but change out the flowers and dohickies so you could use the set year round? OK, maybe not the best idea, but then again.... Love your drawings and whatever you create is always great. A big hug to you and have a great week. Robin

I would love to see you draw goats. I go back to my childhood when you have pictures of Boxcar Betty and Calio-pea, as we raised goats. Both of my kids love goats (adult kids) My daughter and her hubby bought a farmette about 18 months ago and still have no animals, but she is all excited because they are talking about getting a goat! Thank you for asking! You rock!

Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys!! Oh please do Cowboys!! :-)

I'd like to see some "chickens at work." They'd look so cute in front of a computer screen with some big Jacky O glasses on, or maybe a little chick on a keyboard! Or Spring Cleaning chickens.

1) a weenie dog like my Sweet Pea
2) an old fashioned electric fan
3) a small house

These are all really good ideas! I love the chickens, so I like to see them doing all sorts of things.

I loved the tobogganing chicken; maybe other sports chickens?

Oh Anna this is purely selfish but my daughter does roller derby in Phoenix AZ, (yes, the old fashioned roller derby that was popular in the 60's and 70's) only they don't skate 'dirty'. They are allowed to elbow and hip check though. I would love to see something on roller skates.

I have 2 suggestions: Camera images, my daughter is looking for cute and quirky cameras and there aren't that many out there.
Second: Hot air balloons. I know they are trendy, but maybe some chickens in the hot air balloon??? I adore your images (especially all things chicken) and am looking forward to the new releases.

I'm sorry but one of the first things I think of when I think spring is ... of course ... spring chickens!

Dragons and dinosaurs.

Maybe a background cling set. I'd love to see your background illustrations!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (the Queen's dog!!) drawn by you!!! I have a corgi and she is such an important part of our family!! If we could have an adorable stamp of her it would make my stamping collection ALMOST complete!! HA HA!!!! I ahve all (or almost all) of your dog stamps!!! I just love your style!

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