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He's such a cutie pie! I love how his chicken legs and feet are up in the air behind him! I have a question for you: Is "The Bachelor" snowman skinny because he has to do all of his own cooking? Your images are fun, fun, fun! Love the new photo stamps too!

Oh Anna the image is adorable but please "no snow" at least here in Wally World. I'm still not ready for summer to end.

Cute!!! very cute,,but I can't quite get there yet w/the snow thing...I'm loving our Fall weather here in Michigan....

Haha, what an adorable sledding chicken!!! You are too funny. Your drawings always bring a smile to my face! And even with a much less intolerable summer than you have had, I'm ready for snow, too! You Texans have had it ROUGH. REALLY ROUGH. I don't even know how you have stood it! I'd have packed up and moved away by now. Hot weather and I are NOT friends! What a miserable summer. . . UGH. I hope it's gone SOON. I can only imagine how blissful that first cool morning will be for you and Alan!!! Definitely something to look forward to. We were supposed to have 80s this week, but now they have changed it to 90s. Bleah. So disappointed! This is one year to FORGET. The whole thing! What an awful year...I hope 2012 will be much better for all of us! Take care.

Love this adorable sledding chicken, Anna! As for snow, I like the Whipper Snapper sentiment that says Free Snow - all you can shovel! :) or something like that, lol. Anyway, I'll even help if you cart it away :) We had enough snow last year to last us - like forever!

I have been dreaming of snow too! I changed the screensaver on my phone to a picture of me sledding during our wonderful February snow. Bring it on!! Adorable sledding chicken, btw! I always LOVE your work.

Just keep staaaaaaaaaaring at the chicken. You are getting very sleepy. Your eyelids are drooping. Now you are asleep. When you wake, you will have a post-hypnotic suggestion that makes you feel like it is 70 degrees outside every time you read the thermometer.

Hey, I am thinking of you wishing I could send you some of this rain we are about to get from Irene. I live about 1 hr. 15 min. from the coast in N.C., SE of Raleigh. You are the first person I thought of when they started forecasting the rain amounts we would be getting! Sorry you are still so hot and dry!

I do not like heat, but am not a real big fan of snow either! I LOVE FALL and it can't come soon enough. :) Cute toboggoning
(sp?) chicken. Sending cool thoughts, hugs...

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