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Awwwww, I love it that she talks all day! Precious! (And her name is perfect.)

When she molts, I bet your Dad starts clamoring for fly-tying feathers. :) She is just so darn cute! I think she should remain and indoor chicken, esp since she'd probably go into shock from the heat. Ugh. I hate to tell you this, but the temps here are supposed to drop like a rock tomorrow. Hope you get some rain from that storm in the Gulf.

Beautiful feather colours. Thank you for all your posts. I so enjoy them.
God bless

She could teach our parrots a thing or two!! One of them does talk but it and another also scream mightily at times. And the third, my daughter's, does make sounds like Cricket, but every now and then lets it out like. . . the 'music' in the shower scene from "Psycho." I'd take your little Cricket any day, Anna!!! She's beautiful to boot!

Oh why did my husband and daughter decide to have parrots?!

Cricket is a beautiful house guest :)

Yes, I most definitely wish I had a chicken for a house guest. We raised Pennington Reds and I miss them...a fox got all 11 one night...very sad and gross!

Cricket is ADORABLE, I would love to hear her talk to you :) Such fun, hugs...

I had a house chicken for a short while! :) years ago I worked at an avian clinc and was known around our town as the bird lady. One day a neighbor mom asked if I'd find a home for this baby chick that her son brought home from school! I named the little guy/gal Peep and loved how he'd follow me around and go out to the yard with me, sit on a zucchini branch and eat bugs to his hearts content and then follow me back inside! He loved to roost on a rung of our bar stools! It was great fun. Found home a home in Santa Cruz? Would have kept chicken, but didn't know if it was a rooster that the neighbors would be too fond of! We live in an urban neighborhood. Anyway...Cricket is lovely!

I live in the city so can not have a chicken but glad your sharing your sweet baby with us. She is so cute and will probably be the queen of the coop when she gets out and about. Thank you for all your posts. I so enjoy them.
God bless

How can anythng thing be more precious than Cricket! Such a cutie.

Beautiful feather colours...yes, I wish I too had a house chicken! She looks very comfortable on her indoor branch.

She is so sweet, I occasionally have a over agressive mom and raise up the chick ourselves. We have a cat so they usually live on our screen porch until they are older and then socialized with the rest of the flock. She looks like she is good company :)!

Hi Maureen,
Yes, she is PART Mille Fleur. Her mother, Peanut, is full Mille, but her father is an Americauna. Admiral (her father) is the SWEETEST boy, and he certainly passed his personality on to her. :)

Cluck, cluck!

Oh my gosh she is adorable. I always wanted to have chickens.....for fun and for their eggs only....not fried and I also always wanted a horse as a kid. Never got either and now I am an ole hen myself. What a cute name for her too!

What a cutie! Is she a mille fleur? They are so friendly and cuddly.

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