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I'm with ya on the August feelings..lets get on w/it..get it over and let it be October..but then here in Michigan, it quickly turns to winter and that isn't much fun!!!
I just bought a butteryfly bush today @ the farm market, haven't got it planted yet, but was in awe when I went outside and saw a big black and blue butterfly enjoying the nectar!!

So beautiful! I love my calendar. Can't wait to see the next one!!! :D

OOOORRRRRR. . . maybe you should just pack up and move back to the beautiful PNW and be done with it all. Maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell you something. Tee Hee.

Your little emoticon is hilarious! Perfectly illustrates what you think of August! :) Love those butterflies. Can't wait to hear more about your 2012 calendar!

Such pretty photos! I try to take photos of butterflies, but those rascals are hard to photograph :)

Anna, I love the calender that you sent me thank you so much. The pictures are terrific and I LOVE the chicken pictures best.

August schmaugust. One more month here in Central Florida and then there is a slight chance it will cool off in September, but like you, hooray for October. Maybe Emily will cool us off, but prolly not. Sorry Dan was of no use to Texas. Stupid weather.

Hot, hot, hot. I could not agree more with the whoopdedoo guy! LOL. stay as cool as possible. :) Hugs...

Yup, with a 10 day forecast of highs to 1059 degrees!!!! I do wonder what is in store for the southern part of America in the weeks to come. On a much lighter note, the fishing at Georgetown Lake in Montana was wonderful with highs in the mid 70's lows at mid 40's for 6400 ft. that was delightful. Sunburn on the face....Oh well. fish were active and I even saw someone on a water ski, that could have been an Osprey flying low tho.
Just remember to keep you stick on the ice, and I'm pullin for ya, we're all in this together! Love, Dad

Your little guy looks like he is feeling the ravages of your heatwave. LOL. Beautiful photos of the butterflies, Anna.
You take the most gorgeous pictures.

Ok Anna! August should be your very F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E month. Afterall, your very favorite Auntie was born on the 28th day!

Love the little woopdeedoo guy though.

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