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And here I was wishing it would cool down here! I better just count my blessings, huh?! So sorry for the wretchedly hot weather. :(

So strange because over here (the Netherlands) it has been almost fall in the summer. Lots of rain and low temps.
I guess the weather is going crazy...
My zucchini is not working either, don't know why though.

So sorry for your loss of veggies and flowers...I feel like I should send a sympathy card! Hope your animals are fairing better than your poor flowers. I was in Texas for a friends wedding and it was 105 and thought I was going to pass out from the heat. Can't imagine being that hot day after day after day... I keep you in my prayers and wish you cooler days ahead. Take care and have a good weekend. Robin B.

Maybe your mom could make a huge quilt that you could spread over the farm like an umbrella to at least have more shade. I hear there are nice places available in Yellowknife...

My heart is just broken for you.
All the work you put into your garden and then, Mother nature so cruel! Hoping for cooler weather and some rain soon.

So heart breaking. It's been unbearable here in WV but for most part things are still green - well everything but the grass. I surely hope your animals aren't suffering like your flowers and veggies. I thought I heard that this is the worst summer in Texas history. I'm sorry it had to come in your life time. Let's all pray for a long, cool autumn.

How awful! I sure hope you get some relief soon!!

It's finally getting into the 80's here and it feels so good. I don't know if I could do 107! Yikes, that's hot.

Sorry you're suffering. We in British Columbia have the opposite problem---it's been much cooler than normal. Our flowers and veggies are about a month behind schedule this year. It's a strange summer, for sure. Hang in there, Anna, and anticipate the coolness of autumn days ahead. This too shall pass!

It has been DREADFUL, INDEED. I feel so badly for you and all those that have had week after week of 100+ degree days. We had enough in NE, but you have had SO many more. It's just oppressive, just depressing! Last summer was wonderful, and I too had green grass and pansies in August! Boy, not this year. I feel for the animals that have to endure the hot sun, day after day. So many people have died, and animals too, I'm sure. I am hoping for an EARLY Fall! We all deserve that, especially those of you in TX and OK. Ugh, my heart goes out to you. I don't think I could have stood it...you are a better person than I! Take are, and let's think of cool mornings and fresh apples. It will happen eventually! :)

I am so ready for this summer to be over. We are literally dying here. I have a baby donkey that was born last week and we nearly lost her due to the heat. We are still watching her like crazy... And don't even get me started on the lack of hay around here! No rain.. No Hay...

Hope things cool off soon for both of us!

I suspose that this will go down in history as the summer that should have been forgotten. but on a lighter note it would be an excellent time to make Jerky! Thin sliced roast cuts spread out on the cloths line and sprinkled with a little black pepper and garlic powder....Then again it could just be better to drop the lawn chair in pool, jump in and sit back in the chair and remember last summers flowers and cooler days....if it's not dry...Love, Dad

Your post nearly brings me to tears. Such a sad sight! I know how much you love your zinnias, sunflowers and vegtables. Big Hugs...

Truly! I'm heart broken for you this summer. I can't even begin to know all that you've suffered due to the heat, but I imagine it is tremendous. I hope and pray the forecast is correct and your temperatures do drop and STAY below 100 and more!

God bless you and yours.

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